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Them in and take them out. And that's developed a lot of the last 15 15 plus years to providing the drivers with the best possible environment in which to apply their trade. So Jamie's been a massive massive part of that. He's OCD. There's no doubt about how he is routing driven, but he's also OCD. So as I said, like, he has to wear any boots. He's a roast boots at the start of the year because that's just for him it works. He's the only driver in pit Lana puts basically those boots. I suppose you can call them on on every time you get in or out of the car because again, they for him if that's just a routine and something that works for him. So yeah, for me, I think that OCD works as very well for him because, you know, he's a very methodical he's very driven by data and knowing what he's got is the best he can be. Coming up next, we look at Jamie's next step, triple 8 team principal. We haven't had the we haven't had time and it's for next year. 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It was a great way to get the rest of the family. Inside motor sport broadcast on community radio and online at sport radio dot com dot AU. On this edition of inside supercars, we look at the future for Jamie wing cup as he heads to Beth as this weekend for his final start as a four time driver in the supercars series. While at the moment, I think we're everyone's always sitting in the sitting and waiting to make a decision whether he's going to I suppose one sense go cold Turkey and just get a step away from driving side of it and manage the team. Sort of a challenge. You didn't want to be known as one trick pony. Which is pretty good trick when you're the best driver in history. Yeah, the planets are aligned in terms of what I was thinking of when I needed to be able to step back the timing was appropriate. We hear from Graham wind cup, Roland Dane, Craig lowndes, golf tender, and Scott Gollum. Graham wind cup is the proud uncle, and partly responsible for setting Jamie on his path to greatness. He said that the success his nephew has achieved has been celebrated by more than his family. Everybody, you know, not just family, but close family friends, you know? He's done an incredible thing. To retrieve what he has and he's still like, he's still lucky he's running second in the championship manner he's retirement year. He still puts the thing on Paul. You know, he still throws in some incredible laps. And he still doing very, very well. Like he's stepping out at the top of his game, and I'm sure if Jamie throws head out there, there'd be several teams would love him to come and drive their cars and next couple of years. Scott gollan has justice sister Jamie in his autobiography drive of a lifetime, and he spoke about how Jamie has approached his next chapter. Yeah, absolutely. He was not obsessed, but he saw it as a challenge. He didn't want to be known as one trick pony. He, which is pretty good trick when you're the best at because driver and history, but he was very about the future. He wanted to jump into things and he always talked about his dad. You know, the one way to get his dad to do something is to tell Kelly that he couldn't build that fence over there. So then he'd go and do it. And I think Jamie's a bit the same. At Triple H, Jamie has shared the garage with the most popular driver of all time Craig lands, and now, with one of the most popular kiwi drivers Shane bankers Bergen. Graham wind cup said that Jamie understood the importance of having a strong teammate. When you've got a tough teammate, it raises the level. Like you're always out to boot your teammate. He's the first guy you've got to beat. And, you know, they are great teammates, you know, the team is everything to them. And if Jamie can't win Shane wants to win and vice versa, you know, they are there to have the trip like tires, one, two, as much as possible. And it does. You know, they push each other hard and there's no secrets, you know, I've seen that. There's no secrets with anybody I'm doing this, try this, you know and that's how it really should be. Jamie's first teammate Craig lounge admires many aspects of their relationship. But there has always been that one thing that has stuck in his cruel. But there is some things that Jamie does that used to frustrate me. And I have a laugh about it because it still happens today. We shine, which is basically that, you know, if you've got to be in an appearance at a ten o'clock at 9 59 and 59 seconds, Jamie will then decide to go and go to the function, but it takes, you know, it doesn't have taken over it's going to take 5 minutes to get there. So I hate being like to anything and Jamie was always that person. If I can spend an extra minute looking at data or doing something like that, I'd rather do that than being at a function. So that was probably the frustrating side of Jaime, but as I said, it still happens today and I still have a giggle because now it's happening to shine. David couchy, Jamie's engineer from 2014 to 2020, said it was the relationships at triple 8 that made the team so successful. Oh, look without question, you know, you know, Jamie and of course, Craig, Craig lounge, you know, they were a massive part of that. And those guys, those guys working together, I think their relationship and the respect that both of those guys had for each other on and off the track and of course also the way that Roland, you know, operates the team, like that's a very big part of why Triple H has been so successful in its very almost short history. I mean, it's quite a long history now, but you know, they became successful quite quickly and that definitely flows from the top. And having those two drivers with their with their personalities, again, Jamie, it's so easy to get along with. Don't have to even mention it about Craig lounge, and he's kind of bubbly, happy personality. So, you know, it was just a really awesome environment to be in and everybody just was able to grow and perform at their absolute best. And that's why that was the sort of foundation of a watchable ladies today. God tanda has now joined the team as co driver with wind cups teammate with Shane Ben giz Bergen. He is now finding out firsthand why Triple H has been so successful. All I said to take one day, I'll get you in one of my cars. And I would turn it down. We did a we finally got it down to the endurance races. So,.

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