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I am here with gene l. Pirie and an author and fellow dog lover and she has search wine books. So i have heard your today because you know Not only because books are so special. But this monday are is. We're celebrating international puppy day and it's also international. Women's ones gene is going to tell us about her book series. Just all about well. She's doing sooner anything she's a professional speaker. Also thanks for joining me today. Welcome thank you for having me. Marie i love your show. Thanks for having me. Thank you. And i a fan of your of your book series especially i love and cheang tell us. How did you become such. It'd be a big fan of dogs. Well i grew up with dogs but oddly enough. They weren't my dogs. We lived in a very rural area. It was mostly horse farms but those farms had dogs and somehow they found their way to our house. And i'm sure i began begging and pleading for a dog probably as soon as i could start talking but my parents were very resistant and yet by the time i was five or six i was able to convince my mom that when she went grocery shopping she should bring home dog biscuits even though we didn't have a dog because all the neighbor dogs visited and of course that just created more neighbor dogs finding their way to our house and finally when i was seven got my first dog. He was a red doberman. He grew to one hundred and ten pounds. He was a monster of a dog and just incredibly lovable and protective. And i've been dog fan ever since. Well that's definitely a special a special memory Chiba what what Our pets are thinking. I think so. And i can only offer you that i know what my pets are thinking and you can tell me maria because you have a beautiful little care interior that i you know we occasionally get glimpses of and i'm sure you know exactly at least around here at dinnertime. I am constantly hearing that. They're starving to death. And if i don't see them fast enough they're going to die right so i mean it's just it's it's always that little bit when they turn their head when they wag their tail their body language and all of them have their own unique personality. So it's kind of fun to put words to what they're thinking. But yes i think as we grow close to our dogs and build that bind. We have a sense of what they're thinking. I was just going to i. That in i think if you have a bond with your with your pet that's how yes. You understand them very well and it is. It's very special for you know if people don't take time to do that i think they're missing such a special part of that relationship. You really have to take the time to bonded and understand And understand your off Agree and you know what's interesting to me. Is i believe they know it. We're thinking too. I think that's how they're so sensitive to an were sad that often they come up and wall. Try and and you know just interfere if you will be there distract us and when we come home in the evenings right was soon as we enter the house. There's an excitement about us. Being back. And i really think they feel what's what's happened in our day and and how we are yes that you know she leaves me because sometimes you're absolutely right. She knows things that they sense that you just don't think we think they would know what she you know. They said listen. How many do you just have one dog or do you have more than one. So we have three right now My husband prefers to but we we've been able to manage space very well for three. We have a six pound toothless chihuahua. He's fourteen and he runs the show in the house. As he's the smallest end the mightiest. We have a twenty five pound a eight year old blind. Pug this princess zoe. She is the queen of the house. just ask her she'll tell you and then we most recently adopted a seven year old airedale terrier and she is a former show dog. She's absolutely beautiful. Her name is still sally sue We are very big proponents of adopting senior dogs. We love we love the older. The older matz in the house. That's that's really really nice and so do all of them get along they do get along they Enjoy sometimes having their own space. But they know how to claim it and so yeah they do. And we're we're very fortunate that way. It's not easy to find three all the time that will that will work together. But we've been very fortunate. Yes yes i love. It was when the dogs don't get together. But i find that to like she loves. She loves having her friends over. 'cause i do play dates but all of a sudden she just you know all of a sudden they want their own space every so often you know so yup i cairn terriers are very personable dogs right but there are also rather garnish. I mean they they are yeah. They like to protect. Yes that's obsolete worried. I didn't realize that you what you're telling these absolutely right. That's absolutely how she is. Definitely guard personable. She has i mean everybody in our neighborhood news her in i did tax. People asking me like are. I haven't seen sweden. they are this week. You know me sick. So i actually when we walk. I actually have to stop by. There's a few neighbors. They just love saying so. She's like the personal yet available. But you're absolutely worry. She isn't that funny. I noticed that too in our neighborhood. It's great the kids. The kids identify our pug as being sucky as the main character of my book and so just adorable to me when they come over for halloween. Of course not this past year but in years prior when we opened the door. Oh it's dougie. They don't even know who we are. They know who our dog is exactly exactly they kids in the neighborhood. Exactly yeah. it's funny to school. If they see us the role the window down and they call her name now. They don't know me sweetie. You're absolutely right. That's the same thing for halloween. yes funny on. So how about the pandemic. how has the pandemic influence people's bond with dogs. I believe they've really impacted them and making them grow stronger. Because we've spent so much more time with our dogs than we would have previously. I don't know if you saw sauna statistic out a couple of weeks ago from the american pet products association. They're statistic is twelve point. Six million american households became pet owners between march and december of twenty twenty That's just amazing. So i believe we become closer. And and what. I'm concerned about now. Is that we need to pay attention to signs of separation anxiety. Is we shift back to being away from home because it just is only natural now that they like us being around and and i think there was some anxiety when we're always underfoot and now we're going to be gone so the things that i've found in doing some research that makes sense to me is go out for shorter periods of time at i. Let them get acclimated to you being gone Don't make a big fuss out of coming and going so you know you get your dog cited hand go.

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