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All right mason and ireland show mike trudell is information there's two things going on with the football team one of them and this is kind of fascinating jt daniels who's the quarterback at modern day should be in the next month mike finishing his junior year of high school instead he is going to take a bunch of classes ten of them and try and graduate early so he can compete for the starting quarterback job at usc this summer in other words so he would be on the field when you ac starts in the fall that's one of them the other one todd mcnair the old usc runnings back coach is suing the ncaa for ruining his career opening arguments in that trial today to help us tackle all this stuff is our friend gary pasco it's gary how you've been doing good john how are you good all right so explain this jt daniel story to me how is this uncommon common as as usc quarterback ever tried it before what do you know about him trying to graduate a year early yeah we we only saw it once and that was john david booty who who did it back in about two thousand to two thousand three in louisiana right in the end and he came out and it was after carson and graduated and so amazingly enough the coaches were not completely sold on the matt cassel matt liner battle and so they got john david come in early and he arrived for fall camp and competed but obviously lying on the job and the rest is history but jt daniels yet he started taking extra classes last fall and kind of putting everything in place with the thought that okay of sam leaves then there's going to be a quarterback competition next fall and he thinks he can be part of it and so like you say ten classes right now to try to get done between now in summer but by all accounts he'll be here in june ready to go gary is it a good that your usc fan is a good thing or a bad thing to to try and shot gonna guy a year early.

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