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On how to exercise their vote that they're well informed about how the exercise those choices and that one of those choices is the ability to vote without having to leave your home. And so you know in Michigan will working to make that a reality to build that infrastructure. Because there's many pieces to it. But it essentially requires and enables every citizen to be fully informed on that ability to have heard any continent that their vote will be counted if they receive their ballot and return it through the mail without ever leaving home. And I think we've already seen trump trying to Italian The idea of Malin voting as being something that can be hacked or that is wall neural president. Donald trump on Wednesday lashed out to states seeking to embrace mail in voting. Breaking Michigan Sends Absentee Ballots to seven point seven million people ahead of the primaries and general election this was done illegally and without authorization by a rogue secretary of state. I will ask to hold up funding to Michigan if they want to go down. This voter fraud. Pass those tweet from the president. What would you say to someone? That was listening to the podcast right now. Where they're like but I heard that it's not safe to vote when people actually if he does. You said vote by mail. Then they will question it. Piracy is clear. I think to me the is it two things we know they're going to be in. This election. Cycle efforts chew confused citizens about their rights. It's a different form voter suppression. But it's one in which we doubt our ability to vote. We don't be the sanctity of our whole and when you have lawmakers or leaders sowing the seeds of doubt based on false information it is one of those great guts. Democracy. It is heartbreaking. It is one of the saddest things for me to see people taking advantage and be uncertainty right now by the way policy of down in that said you always have to look at the motivation. Sometimes it's motivated for very political agendas and often times. You have to look at the data. The data shows is that where people vote when it's convenient to do so and more people when you wrote my mouth. We just had an election actually on local elections and we enabled ninety nine percent of the electorate to vote by mail. Mailing everyone an application to request their ballots. You sent them. Ninety nine percent of the vote in that elections by mail and turn out secretary of State Jocelyn Benson is doing what we hope. Many of you were doing today voted. There's still time to vote polls are open until eight o'clock you can show up. I if you've already been registered to vote show up at your local precinct. If you're not registered to vote there so time bring your residency verification to your local clerk and you can register to vote and cast her ballot right. Thousands of Michiganders cast their votes in yesterday's election. The first of its kind in the midst of a pandemic on a conference call with reporters Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson said. The turnout was historic. We have seen the vast majority of upwards of eighty or ninety percent of those voting today have voted by mail. The number of absentee ballots rose over ninety to ninety nine percent of all votes cast. Yesterday's turnout set a record for elections to a whopping twenty five percent double the average. The data across the board shows turnout increases. More people. Vote when they can go by mail and remorse people vote. Whoever HAS POWER INCREASE UNCERTAINTY FOR RETAIN? Our go right question mark and flag because but at the long as thing. I think it's more worried about what happened. More people vote than anything else. That's lying most common. But how do those comments change what you do? Is it more about a campaign of awareness? How do you fight it? That's so many of these issues that we're facing because of this man. I don't know how we fight attacks on elections and voting rights. So how does it change what you to? Beauty of democracy is that it's a team sport and secretaries of state election administrators. Play a key role and making sure that the trains run on time that people get their about their counted accurately and did that works but voters have a responsibility to an opportunity to engage their community to get people where accuracy gotta facts. Truth is one of the ways in which social media can be bluffing. We've also seen it used to sow seeds of doubt in information quite effectively. I see it as refund already but we all have to ensure that we know not just how to vote but they were informed as well and we can't necessarily farm out the duty of being influenced voters we have to embrace that responsibility thousand and nude around the. I think that's important part of it. Democracy is also more than just about moaning that is a key aspect of it but it your own sport. It's one in which stay engaged in spreading awareness about Lille facts is twenty four seven and then not just one day every four years when we tested the presidency. It's a Lotta work. And if we don't do have people writing power who don't reflect willow country and the majority of the electoral call of life and many other things changed impact and long..

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