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Is pointless first avenue discussion. But to me. In my mind, the refusal to answer the question was evidence enough. And if you look at the comments on YouTube comments on Twitter even Benz acknowledging here and his this was the overwhelming response. And look like I said, I didn't feel like I thought my my performance had a lot of room for improvement. When I when I debated Sam, cedar. But I wouldn't just go out there and be like everybody who saying I did bad as dumb. You're all stupid. You're all the hundred dumbest people on Twitter. I mean to just insult the intelligence of our listeners, I did take a little bit of offense to and I gotta say look. Believe me there. I'm sure if I went through the YouTube comments of any video that Ben Burgess has done. I'd find some comments that I thought were pretty dumb and to be completely honest. I've gone through some comments videos of ours. And thought there were some dumb comments that were in agreement largely with us. But I'm like, this guy is kind of missing point. But to say the dumbest people on the internet. You gotta get out on the internet more, bro. I really take offense to the idea that the people listening to this show are the dumbest people on the internet. There's a hole deep internet out there with some really dumb shit. You're not even scratching the surface. Believe me. Anyway, I thought ultimately what the most powerful part of the debate was was toward the end. When Ben really handed me, what is to me the most convincing. The point or the most convincing argument against his position when he basically said that well, if we just allowed for people to own themselves and have complete control over what they do with themselves. They could there might be the example, he gave the example he gave was that. Someone could be so indebted that they would end up selling themselves into indentured servitude to pay off the debt. And yet. This guy's argument is that if you're indebted to the state they should be able to throw you in jail for it. I I mean that was such a an unbelievable contradiction. That your fear is that someone could be in debt, and this could lead to a real bad situation. Therefore, we should have a state run debtor's prison where the state, and I guess he would say he danced around the question of whether he thought people should be thrown in jail or not for taxes. But he certainly wouldn't give me a no on it. And in the reality of the situation that is what we're talking about. That is the way things are run. So anyway, I appreciate it. Ben coming in. I was as George saint-pierre said about Matt Hughes back in the day. I was not impressed with your performance. But I do appreciate him coming in. And I'd love to do it again with him. I think these type of conversations are interested, and even the people who said they found it frustrating. The listen to your all your all listening. And I know sometimes I know better than you. What you want for yourself? You liked it? I know you liked it. Okay. I would say, and then we're gonna move on and get into the news of the day. I know there was another video that was made about the non aggression principle and part of me wanted to go through it. But I just think it's after the next few minutes. We got a I've spent a lot of on this Ben Burgess fellow on this podcast. And it's we we need a little bit of a me and Ben need to see other people for a little bit. Then Burgess break we that's right. It's not that. We don't still care about each other. We just we both need to see other.

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