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And with me as always as the other half, not my better half the other half to read a man himself Mr James Cole. How's it going sir? Pretty good, the I don't know if I'm I. Don't know if I'm. With all my crip Tony Empowers I don't know if I'm. Up to the task of being your better half A. Journey Jews better than that better than me for this. You can do that. This. Just got really awkward. It's all good. Guys off and then there's the voice of Brian. What's up man. Hey guys what's up all right, so let's get into it. No hang no no beating around the Bush nothing. We got news. Hbo Max in Two Thousand Twenty one is releasing. What's now being called and I will refer to it from now on Zack Snyder's justice league. New Does no longer the Snyder. God It's now Zach Snyder. I feel good man like I. Have that like? Yesterday I watched the first two trailers again were con- sneak peak, and then the the first trailer when you could tell it was still Zach. Footage and everything and I don't know I just feel. I just feel good again like what? Are you boys feeling just overall general like. Well I mean I'm super, fricken excited. I mean this this here. Just just shows you that. The announcement of Zack Snyder's justice. League here now just shows you that. The saying you know one man's trash is another man's treasure. People out there are like already bashing Zach Snyder again because he's actually getting to finish the movie, and and in the series the The series of films that he began. He's actually getting the opportunity to complete it the way he would have completed which you know. As an artist. That's I mean somebody. Somebody tearing down what you did, and and literally using the bones of what you did to create something that they just I don't even know what they were intending. You know what I mean so. With what you're saying. I mean we just want to like. Can. I mean that's that's huge. I said this the Brian early and I've said it before, but. I. Don't blame Weedon for the justice the. Because everyone calls the because. There's all kinds of documented history about what happened, but basically we was hired to write pages. To oversee re-shoots basically ended up him. Then re shooting a majority of the film, and then kind of guiding impose production. And He was hired for a job. He ended up getting more done. And Justice League became another studio project. Was Being Shepherd and conducted by a studio more than a filmmaker. So. It became something I mean i. here's my thing and I is. The problem with this film. Is that we knew that so much more existed. You Know Justice League. We'd seen trailers with with footage that was not in the film. We had seen altered scenes in trailers that were different in the film. We had seen. Pictures and snippets and TV spots all with this footage in this images. That were not in the final film. So it was one of the things that we heard stories about what was filmed. What the heart of the story was going to be? And the actress talking about these scenes that were not part of the movie. So we knew so much existing. Than what we got and that's really what helped. Push this movement. was knowing there's more out there. Well just knowing that. So much. So much of what he did that was. That should have been there I mean it wasn't his film. I mean when you watch it. You, can you can? And when you watch it and you wanted a couple of times you can see the seems you know. Yes, you can see where they used the principal photography footage and then. Reshot so many of the close ups and certain groups, scenes and stuff to completely change the dialogue and change the narrative of the story. I mean it seems like all the results were done in like one sound stage with like one or two sets and a bunch of green screen because. I don't want to dive into all that because James and I covered that pretty well when we did our justice league was a two year. Look back or one year. Look back. It was a one year. One year after justice. We did a commentary track for yeah. Find that episode number but there. We talked a lot about that in there. I want to focus on the positive here. And That's that. Yeah, that's all that's all. That's all history now. Now now it's time to be positive and look look at. What we're actually going to get? We're actually going to get that stuff for the hatred. that. You know this is just coming about now. It's really great reports. Come out that. To actually have Zack Snyder's justice league. Happened in November when there was that huge twitter movement of Hashtags, re tweets and a push on social media for it actually began then. and has been. Third million, tweets. And Single Day. And I do want to throw this out there before we get into some deep discussion. I don't some people are going crazy about this I don't foresee. They're they've they're not saying. The actors are coming back for additional footage. They're saying some additional dialogue or AGR which is. Cleaning up lines adding some lines. But. They're not re shooting the.

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