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Right and i think it's a great question so right now all of the data that we gather is super important so for example one of our cars might have driven down the street and there wasn't a construction zone but then our later there is a construction zone and our car sees that sends that information so that all the other cars can learn from it that there's a constructions and they're similarly if you think the horrible things that we've heard about in austin with these bombs going off in the austin police department is said hey if anyone has one of those doorbell cameras in the vicinity of this could you share that information with us we suspect that we would have the same requests from the local police departments hey there was a crime in this area waymo or any of your car's driving this area at that time and maybe you've got some information that could help us and in those cases we would cooperate with the authorities for sure i it's weird because all this technology has its intended purpose and then there's all these other doors that open up and although my feeling is i'm all for like hey you're not bomber you're not a terrorist you're not committing violent crime out on the street and all you wanna do is catch a buzz and get a van ride home this is your best friend now i did have an idea for an action movie called navigating navigating navigating now not the way mo whatever way shape.

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