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I'm not Chapman. Did Not want Alexander Lebed. You came in at the wrong now. All I'm hearing about LINEMAN's Shit. Y'All Mario Falcone. Don't say that you are listen. Oprah OPRAH has given us many shades of her career and it's always been okay for Oprah it's always an okay would I set it off? That's way let me ask you a question. Could you see someone like Dan filling in a role of like a Jim Lampley for the fight game? Show the way but why he's not cameras camera Yoyo Yo. Why are you acting like they was showing lend lease legs like dude? He's GonNa be in front of and I'm just saying like he's got to rotate that share. And then Oh wait till you go back here this and hear how bad you say his that. You're saying that he's so fat he can't rotate the chill said that. I did not say that Bro. You did leave him out that word you that word. But that's what you're saying. Hi Oh you can't do this when I'm high. It all depends like I mean he might be a great writer but I mean he might not be so much of a good speech man. I'm banging banging drums. Gaza bugging how I don't know if he is in a situation where it's like a skype type call like need us to do on. Espn boxing them into that. China's that's the best scenario for him where he gets to utilize his words which he is a master at and not have to utilize the physicality of you know being a host or commentator something. Oh how much movement does a fucking over to. Y'All be know. He's he's acting like dancing. Abba fucking asthma attack during the show. Bro We gotta move on killing Dan. That's not fit. I'm GonNa Fuck what you're you're you're you're blocked on. Us Tuesday chat now. I'm fighting a January. Quite freak dog. Come on that's not right. Man is one of his fight for weeks. I don't think that this is true because I remember him. Just signing a new deal and right now. Boxing booming And he's like he's like come on man like they need him for this whole team rank deal. Let Me Feed Alex. What's going on so we were talking The title what. We're talking with Frank Sanchez. And I can't remember who somebody brought this attention About the information about Dan Rowan. Espn partying ways. But which you have to remember is that that was coming from the person that broke. It was Ellie setback and him and Dan have had very much beef away. Maybe he'd be like I guess excited to break views. That's what I'm saying like at first. I didn't believe IT I. I saw it on twitter. Theoretical conversation until the rumors proven true. Yeah one of our time. I'd only kiewit come out like lying knowing that. We all know that he would be the type of person that would make this up. Yeah and he don't like it might not be Trudeau man they. I don't know I don't think that I I would hope they stay. I would hope that has the source. And that's what they told them but I think outside of the source it's hard to believe is truth. Is Dan just got a new deal? Like you don't just give do ray remember when that one extend the contract. I remember him tweeting. It just stand you. It's been about four years. Now Hang on Collins's like eighty one thousand years old and he still did you ever. He writes like he's R-. He's written some amazing piece in the past like you know where our like. Bert sugar kind of. He's just he's out. He's not Bert. Sugar and Albert Sugar and I'm not saying that his knowledge is them saying that he's not as memorable like he hasn't he wasn't a public figure like burst. Sugar and Dan is the everyday guy but when he tried podcasting it was really really bad. It went really bad for them. Really Wes so Cuban Flash Frank Sanchez. His name is slash. Yeah I Q. He's trying to Iraq. Border flashes in that Renault. So Jim Everybody's about speed at Renault's so Jim Amazon kills though. That's the that's the phrase in boxing. Speed kills Frank Sanchez. Thinks he could take out my man. Aj We will not on on rushing to. That's not what he said Nestle is hiding this other article links to. I did not see that one. I did not. I am boycotting another one. Listen said is is like this. They they looking at it like cove in Nineteen. Hit US hard. We don't know in boxes going to reset by the time it resets. Aj's busy pool. Lev defendant his mandatory defense with the IBS so his manager. Mike bottle believes that in the next twelve months sick will fight for that. Wbo and become champ. Which will then make them petition to the WBO to put Sanchez in an eliminator. We either junior or Michael Hunter. That's where we add so where where where. Where do we go junior versus Frank Sanchez? Who Wins like I don't know man like he's he's come about Frank Sanchez? Kind of came out of the field for me. You know what I mean. I I didn't really like pay attention too much to His fights when he first came he was fucking super active in two thousand eighteen. Like if not he fucking for all his fights in two thousand eighteen mine is like five and Shit but He pretty he moved pretty fast. I'm guessing they pushed him fast like that. Because you know might be a Cuban amateur you know has a lot of background in amateur game on but I can't say I can't say much to the competition that he he built up this resume where I don't know who the fuck these guys are Looks like he was beaten up bartenders and taxi cab drivers and then he finally fought a solid food. Maybe joined the welcome. I mean I can't speak too much victor baseball too. I mean he's kind of like the Puerto Rock is just kinda there for a call and shit show Biz. Ball had that fi own top rank. It was like two big is fat heavyweights. But they were an ad. It you know one was from Chicago and baseball was from Puerto Rico and Listen Baseball was a guy. Stephan Shaw up and coming heavyweight would around fifteen fights was on our show interviewed him and you know he called victim. His boss alike Sanchez you know. It's you'RE NOT GONNA YOU. Unless you're like some fucking star you're not going to. I fifteen you ain't gonNA fine in abundance of elite level names. You know to find some seas sea level fighters on your resume in fifteen fights as a heavyweight. That's decent honestly like I do. Give them credit for baseball. You know debatable. Who Else could we doing? Let's see now like Biz ball and the way it goes like the only guys brown and like you know I'm not saying that the junior got a super better resume either but I guess we gotta just look to see how efficient they are taking these. You know these guys out at that skill level Then I could probably get a sense of what I'm looking at but I haven't seen too much of Franks fights set for that thick Biz ball and another one I don't see too much like too much while like as far as power you know. We're always looking for the power heavyweight division. I like junior FAFA power He's bigger lengthier. You know I think junior five versus Frank Sanchez. would be a serious test for for both fighters. I could say you know what I'm saying. Kind of lemonade themselves out of the way to get that opportunity for AJ Bu- I still see. Aj Mayo Yuppie. Stay sleeping on my boy though. Like he ain't GonNa take to the top. Yeah Yeah count him out me every time and people just have a row. This is his route. He's gotTa bring it to fruition like this is just their route. He's not even talking. Aj He wants to WB L. Bell and he's telling you that their scenario age is going to be vacating their bill he doesn't want. Aj He wants AJ's bell okay. He's not directly put in the scope on. Aj like no because they don't want age they know this bell is may become vacant in this scenario. So this is Beth. He's he's essentially saying he's GonNa fight and beat who sick 'cause he saying. Wbo is going to be vacated by Ford in the next twelve months and we will in fife on eliminated versus hunter or FAA. So that's that's what I'm saying. It's like he's coming at all sick. A smaller heavyweight mourn his rainsy. He ain't even thinking Aj name. This is sky sports attempt to use age as name for views. Aj's name doesn't have to be in the title. He put that there because they put that there. Because that's what they want. They want the bell. They wanted to be age as name for. Seo Power Your Frank Sanchez. Ain't that much bigger than for so. I mean we might just have another match where it kinda dances around. He did with Chas. I mean you know. It's like one inch taller and your reach is actually shorter than UCS. Should I mean some of the same reach and sometimes boxer kind of you know a as accurate as they should be sometimes with these little small details but He's not that much bigger. Man I think is going to bring it to frank man. He he going to be frank. Frank Frank gotta come in with a with a specific game plan in order to trap. That caq is that that that man moves too much and he knows how to counter punch. I mean I don't know how aggressive Frank Sanchez is. Cuban styles always known for boxing. And all that. So we need an aggressive guy man who said we need a guy who's GonNa come into light in my opinion junior far? You know somebody's GonNa come in and throw some bombs Maybe I'm speaking too soon. GotTa go back to see what Frank Sanchez. Good at Maybe I'll go back and watch a couple of a couple of more fights but ain't watch L. Hawaii does to like. I don't even know what roundish she kayode me. Sanchez. And this hasn't proven anything to me in power like he he knocked out a dude was knocked out by Anthony Sims junior. Who's like one hundred and sixty eight pounder? So it's like you know as I said earlier in the show he didn't even Her not hurt but knocked out. Devait go so you know. This is all just talk. This is all just a plan. They gotta they gotta they gotta bring it to fruition. I mean but he went ten full rounds with Vaco now. Vehicles only been stopped once but the same. You Charles Mine did it. You should have been able to do it in an inmate. Charles Monfort world champion. It would it. Would it would have put a little bit more of a statement. It would have made more of a statement but that that that's not the way they went down so whatever Melissa open it up man see what they got. Talks embarks man. I don't think we ever went to responses did me because we studied secondary conversations. 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