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The second Texas these three many times and that was the date that was San Diego Mike flew up we close the stadium club at two in the morning I wanted it in a completely altered state ordering twenty four those stadium shirts and not even knowing into the package arrived like a month later yeah I opened it up it was like two hundred fifty dollar receipt it was like twenty four there's black tee shirts at the stadium club Sir doled out a total still where his frequently yeah from in my eyes it's a really thick T. shirts like a Haynes double thickness yeah you'll probably work up a sweat when you wear it well you weren't on a chilly day yeah maybe I should know but anyway our cops take us away but your top three nine or draft you know it's funny I had thought about Pete Wilson of R. Bowman I did leave them both off because I went with a different defensive driving to get to him in a minute I feel drafted it could be similar to that of the two thousand nine draft and it happened a bunch of times it seems like in the last decade or so with the Niners and raiders of pitch close to each other yeah you won't remember the the coin flip wasn't last two years ago the Kolton Miller and cold Miller and then a glitchy it's taken by the Niners they that going toss in two thousand nine it happened similarly where the Niners the raiders were both looking for a receiver for some reason the raiders decided to take Darius Heyward bey all right everyone yeah and papers try to figure out who this guy was yeah and the Niners and got to take this guy out of Texas tech with the number ten overall pick Michael Crabtree is my number three right.

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