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Panic at the disco seem. Ooh. There. She goes again, it's like a valley girl. Same theme. All right. So trick or treating tonight Halloween. Got a decision to make you stay in your neighborhood. Or do you take it to the streets and get out to some of these places where the action is. Of course, there's traffic and timing, but the rewards can be full size full size candy bar commitment, guys because there's nothing I mean, look there's fun size and full size whose full fun. Here are some hot spots tonight. Silverlake we're talking to Silverlake if you're out in Silverlake Armstrong avenue now, these are reports that have come into me and not been all these, but Armstrong avenue is actually closed vehicle traffic, which makes it ethically safe on the families or get out there. Some houses actually, put up special effects. Ooh now. I'm if I'm going to go all out on a holiday with all due respect to Halloween. It's christmas. Yeah. I'm already thinking about how I'm going to decorate the house for Christmas. I was actually with all my excitement and enthusiasm following. I was actually coming into work thinking, oh, you know. What's great is that when this is over it's truly thanksgiving, meaning Christmas, I know, and I am not gonna wait late to put up Christmas this year. Because he goes by too fast. Anyway, let's go to Cinta Kurita. So they say all to drive and John Russell drive in Santa Carita. It's the pirate colder sack where they built a giant pirate. Ship. Died is festive how fun fun neighborhood to live in what a boring life. I grew up in. Pirate ships on Mike Golda Zach we had a magician at the pool neighborhood pool. And now a magician came at three thirty two neighborhood pool, and we ordered pizza and then it was like, oh is it dark enough? Almost can we maybe it's almost dark day. Can we start at five ten? Yeah. I think it's gonna. Cut to that. One house may plastic bags of.

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