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Komo's Brian Calvert. Explains. Earlier this week as I descended down for my I look at the completed highway ninety nine tunnel operations manager Chris Johnson revealed. This wasn't his first underground rodeo personal that I was involved with is the new mount Baker tunnel overnight ninety back in the eighties. So I asked him about tunnel. Evolution learn some hard lessons, some good lessons like the latest safety technology in the new tunnel heaven forbid, something bad were to happen involving a fire pressurized theory that we're in right now that if we opened up the door to the roadways here's can be blowing out into the roadway is not last to come in the safety corridors the lighting, the ventilation all improvements over predecessors. Chris hope come Monday, you don't notice all these improvements. He'd rather. You just have a nice easy commute expensive. Efficient. It's a good way to move people through. Brian Calvert, KOMO news. Other county in our state taking a stand against initiative sixteen thirty nine which passed back in November ushering, some of the strictest gun laws in the nation calls. Carleen Johnson, sixteen thirty nine changes the rules for gun background checks puts age restrictions on the purchase of some guns and requires gun owners to safely store their weapons caliphs county. Commissioner Arne Mortensen says there's no doubt though, this laws unconstitutional and the commission passed a resolution this week saying they oppose the new law. The county prosecutor says he won't prosecute for it. They've also asked the sheriff about it. If you personally feel a laws on constitutional will you arrest? The answer is no Mortenson says that is the will of the voters in that county, in fact out of thirty nine counties twenty-seven in our state voted it down but populace king county's to home mission Pierce carry it through and the police chief in Republic, what kayak come county, click attack, and Franklin county sheriff's have all said. They will not enforce this law. There's also a lawsuit against the measure led by the NRA. Carleen johnson. Komo news predicted a number of measles cases continues to grow Clark county now confirming forty one people with a measles, and it's investigating fifteen other cases that King County in Oregon remained the same with one case in each the total of forty three people with the measles in the Pacific northwest, most of the patients under the age of eighteen straight.

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