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The president of the united states has never said anything worse than charlottesville army worldwide what do i thought what do i need to stop new nuno i mean and the list goes on thought avail alabama army where really i made out of bab another day really wait wait wait wait wait wait with the guy persona said at the rapport right let me be nice i don't i'm goes espn every by other good job no beyond normal verge going off after that one let me take a breaks what is the only smithsonian guess what you're in the middle of a stephen a swift show podcast leaning back to the phones we go right here in a stephen a smith show espn radio by the way congratulations roger goodell commission for the national football league his new contract has been signed he's got five years starting in 2019 uh upon which tarver of two hundred million dollars ninety percent of it is incentive lay din has to meet certain senator expectations uh lobby will look at this is a winwin for jerry jones arm and owners who are willing or interest in in curbing the power that roger goodell wields i'm here to tell you they're gonna regret it the owners have always been about using roger goodell as a front man like bill polian alluded to take the shrapnel the criticism take slings and arrows aimed in his direction and that of the rest of the team they've always been about that absolutely positively always.

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