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About. Got It Kind of grandfathered in what I do. I was doing the singer before I was involved with top gear so Zach. What kind of fucking disastrous? Astros website of you. Sit Grandma scrubbing Zach. 'CAUSE DOT COM. Somebody go onto my instagram. And there's a video of skin about something go down to. The videos is From last summer. Oh it's it's a we what I love about it is. It'd be part of the process from the first conversation that we did involved a on a on a couple of beers you know. Sit with with Myers and rob and we. We just saw what you want this car to. Okay that's the fascination of the process and it is just the ultimate expression of a normally aspirated nine eleven. Because I think we're not going to be in that place in ten years time onto by the make or sell a caller that And once you've got Rob Dickinson applying himself to that kind of project and then the possibilities possibly limitless. I think so we've ended up with you. Know it's five hundred holes Pala. It's well south of a thousand kilograms. You know you do the math you might imagine. Gt three touring during the way. Four hundred kilograms less. It'd be pretty crazy. Yeah you're just you're just hanging on for for the ride because it's got to be is it manageable. Though Communities Arrays nauseous. I just go. It's because it's got it's got too much talk. It's kind of crazy. How even the most gnarly naturally aspirated engine now seem so so manageable compared to like a psycho death McLaren Oh Orleans? We'll come back to the deal estimate but it brought home to me by my touring because his actually that doesn't need traffic control because the talk is so nicely mileage for the available traction from the vehicle right this turbo era. We've got is so out of control your first time you get into C.. Sixty three on a cold day. Come you think the fuck with because I think. More than ninety ninety percent of current performance cars are undrivable without the systems. I am no seven. Twenty is a real handful. Try to the best in the world there. I can drive. Oh okay but I don't turn off anymore. I used to get him causing off in a forty six degrees off off. Look at me. I'm Steve Sucker for us to work with us to call it the reverse Winston because you get your two fingers and just do that Winston state universities you have to hit like seven button the scrabble but the but the reality is these vehicles online if the road if I know the road could.

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