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They'd seen it all today everything is change except their commitment to their community visit van meter homes dot com slash curbside bombing or WTOP traffic not a storm team four meteorologist Emily address on Saturday showers and thunderstorms still persisting down into portions of southern Maryland King George county and the northern neck elsewhere is dry will have clearing skies tonight and really refreshing start tomorrow morning with temperatures in the sixties to start Friday and a gorgeous day overall low to mid eighties low humidity and plenty of sun mostly sunny on Saturday highs in the mid seventies to low eighties and a chance for some scattered showers overnight with some scattered showers on Sunday I'm storm team four meteorologist Emily draper right now we are seventy six degrees in Annandale it is seventy two degrees in Germantown and the seventy six degrees in Silver Spring at ten thirty here at WTOP information on corona virus is changing rapidly turned to WTO P. twenty four seven at home at work in your car or on the go WTOP brings you constant updates so you never miss a moment on air online on Alexa and other WTO P. act this is W. T. O. P. your source for today's top news traffic and weather he the DMV always connected and constantly updated twenty four seven three sixty five in your car at home at work and on the go WTOP this a moment good evening to you I'm Mike Morello we have a leash able said the editor's desk coming up what president trump is saying about N. Y. police I knew pushing Congress to get rid of Confederate names from military bases on Capitol Hill I'm Mitchell Miller it is ten thirty one news update Minnesota Democrats are proposing a series of statewide police reforms that include a ban on the use of chokeholds and requirement that officers intervene when they see a fellow officer using excessive.

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