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If you WANNA avoid it altogether let's begin We have covered brexit backwards and forwards. On today explained we've talked about trade and immigration an ideology and it's all been sort of abstract very political but on the show today our reporter. Naughton Hassenfeld is going to take us to a place where you can actually see what brexit might do with your own eyes. Yeah and In the interest of minimizing my carbon footprint. I got someone closer to go for me. My name is Leona and Emma journalist from Northern Ireland Northern Ireland is part of the United Kingdom but it shares a border with the independent country of Ireland to the south. I am on. The border between Northern Ireland and southern Ireland is just signed dairy. It's a very very very busy ruled of pulled to the side of the road here. There's literally hundreds of cars going up and down. Pass me here right now. Since both the United Kingdom and Ireland are in the European Union. That border is barely noticeable. But after tonight while the country of Ireland will still be in the EU things. Start to get complicated at the border brags that has posed particularly difficult and genetic problem for US rex. It could bring checkpoints police the military. But that's nothing new for this border. When you say the border the Northern Irish border people think They Hark back to those days when they're a huge bank military installations where the British army would be there you know their checkpoints and stuff I got. There is nothing like that night at the moment as something. That's kind of forgotten a bite almost as an invisible border when I was growing up Here beside the border you know you. It approaches the border huge military installations corrugated iron walls heavily fortified full of soldiers. Armed soldiers. So sometimes your car will be pulled on. Everybody would be taken out of the car. The car would be searched for guns and ammunition and all that kind of stuff these military installations were shot. They were bombed. You're almost taking your life in your hands stopping them. When you re possums particularly was children on the car it was quite a terrifying experience this peaceful spot where Leona is sitting right now. Thirty years ago it was a living nightmare and nineteen ninety. Potsy Glaspie was a young father the IRA the Irish. Republican Army were targetting particle because he worked in a British army station here and there. They held his wife and his children hostage Told Patsy to get on his van and drive to the British Army station here. The checkpoint on Quinn said. He didn't do that that they should has. Wife and his children this is patsies wife Kathleen. He was chained to the driver seat and the steering wheel of that is loaded with twelve hundred pounds of explosives and he was made to drive the van to the army. Checkpoint Gosh Kwan Tamed. To shut a warning and I was told by one of the soldiers Zhifei that they had run boys. I'm loaded run and Bomb was detonated by remote control and Patsy was blown to pieces. What five soldiers patsy was actually identified by a pace of grace? Zip attached tip piece of the woollen Cardigan under the flesh to this day. Kathleen Remembers Patsy on the border. I'm sitting here actually across the road from the memorial pats. Kathleen leaves floors. I can see them sitting here. She leaves flowers every every week there for her patsy. Brexit isn't just bringing these memories back it actually might disrupt this hard-fought piece. I know from speaking to desert and Republicans in the past that should anti structure go up on the border. Anna can of a sign that says this is the border they will blow it up anyone who puts the life of a customs officer at risk. They will need police protection. The police are then become a target as well as customs officer after our tax on them. The army might be brought back to protect the police. Protect the customs officer and then we're back in the nineteen seventies nineteen eighties Northern Ireland. We have a very delicate peace hero. Northern Ireland anything could just put it over the edge. Peace in Northern Ireland isn't just delicate. It took decades of civilian uprisings military crackdowns and brutal terrorist campaigns to reach this point. Thousands of people died in the process and the peace deal that created. This invisible. Border was an almost impossible. Balancing Act Ireland was part of the British Empire until the beginning of the twentieth century. And this was not a situation which was desired by the majority of people in Ireland. Susan McKay is an author journalist from Londonderry in Northern Ireland. People they're often call it dairy. There was a smaller. Protestant minority concentrated in the northeast of Ireland. Which did not want to be part of a united Ireland so in one thousand nine twenty one. Ireland was partitioned. The South was independent. While the north remained part of the United Kingdom a border was put across the country. And it's an extraordinary border. Zigzag all over the place that cuts off one county donegal practically from the rest of the Republic of Ireland. It divides villages divides hoses. It divides people's farms. This has been denied a small rather old fashioned town and concentrate on one of the six northeastern counties of Ireland which are headed under British rule. The situation the north was that the unionists who were those who were loyal to Britain. Set up the northern station. Such a way that Catholics and nationalists could really have no par. Ku's third of the people of this little town are nationally. That is to say. They are in favor of unity with the rest of Ireland and against being feed as part of one-third unionist which means favouring British rule and the partition of Ireland. But the tone is controlled by the unionist minority and run shortly in there. So the upshot of this gerrymandering is that was called. Was that the. Catholic population lived in extremely disadvantaged circumstances in crowded areas. They didn't of power. Their unemployment was very high and they were extremely unhappy about the state in the nineteen sixties. Things changed with the advent of television and with the advent of second level education for larger numbers of people the Civil Rights Movement Rosa Hosing issues and employment issues and it was met by the northern state with a very violent response civil rights protests against alleged discriminations were dotted at first as no more than a nuisance but as they continued and became more insistent and extreme petrol-bomb ominously replaced stones the main weapons. This was the beginning of what people call the troubles nationalists and Republicans fighting against unionists loyalists or British troops and regular people caught in the middle into the middle of that scenario the IRA the Irish Republican Army begun to build up forces that was very much accelerated in January nineteen seventy-two and bloody Sunday occurred and that was a notorious massacre of innocent civil rights marchers by a British regiment called the paratroopers..

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