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Jalen rose. What do you think it's been a gift and the curse because you make it to the Western Conference finals last season but the last three years? They've also been swept out of the playoffs regardless of the round that they made it too. So it's hard to acknowledge what you're hoping to build on yet. One word derailed their start injuries. Nurkic Collins Rodney the hood. This is what opened up the opportunity for them to even at Carmelo Anthony. Cj Wasn't playing last night dame did did go off against his hometown team. I like you have some concerns. That if if they don't get healthy they can find themselves squeaking for the seventh or eighth see and or out of the play offs. Because that's just how tough the West has and continues to be so games like last night. They they needed all sixty one. They were down three would in a one possession game late regulation and he knocked down the three three tough shot. They needed all of those points each each and every one even even late when the warriors missed a a jump shot he grabbed a rebound had to go to the line is to gain with those two free throws so if they're healthy healthy they're definitely a playoff team. If they're not healthy it will be unique to see tame litter team not in the playoffs because every since he's been in the League he's found a way to elitist team to that Port to port to the postseason so we'll just have to see how that plays out as.

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