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For a new tight end. The team acquired least Smith from the Chicago Bears in exchange for 1/7 Round pick in next year's draft. Smith is 33 years old. He was drafted by the Patriots in 2011, and has also played with the Bills and the Raiders. And the San Francisco 40 Niners of signed former Washington left tackle trend Williams to the largest contract ever for an offensive lineman. He signed a six year $138.1 million contract with San Francisco, which includes 55 million guaranteed and an offensive lineman. Record $30.1 million signing bonus. You can find more sports that access Wdun Alright, a 56 4 minutes away from nine. Counting down the morning flock of Martha's all around. He was going to be in his well, but right now, Robin Templeton as we head to the insurance source Morning, Robin I didn't want to know how you do it. I am dry and inside. Glad to be doing that this morning. So, uh, walking around it and just taking it easy here. Well, you know, you guys have been rather busy because we've got to open enrollment still underway right now. The folks you're looking for a way to make sure they get the insurance they need and Can't afford because sometimes we don't feel like those two intersect. But they do When you head for the insurance source. What we need to know. I just they do. I love helping Brooklyn explaining the situation to them, and we do have the opening moment periods. We've been hammering again, and I'm sure people are tired of hearing about their like, just get him with it. But it is really important to make sure which I can say little things that people don't always think about. You may be on a group plan it work. You think you have great group insurance, But it's killing you with your premiums. You can still be able to roll into the healthcare dot gov. They have made some changes and some tweaks. I'm still learning it myself. It is the research on it to find out on this new stuff from the cove in $19 there his past, but there's extra help in that..

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