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Gary Jeff with the nightcap on seven hundred wwl w I just saw this story from USA today. And the fact that this is even a news story. Let's now ridiculous. It sounds on the the murders of the rodent family. The prosecution of six members of one extended family in connection with the methodical massacre of eight members of another pike county family will take years much like the investigation four members of the Wagner family. Angela husband George Billy the third two sons, George Wagner, the fourth and Edward Jake Wagner twenty six. Face the death penalty in their aggregated murder murder charges. The arrest result of the largest homicide investigation in Ohio history. According to state attorney general and now governor elect Mike dewine the cost of already started mounting. The investigation. Followed up on eleven hundred tips conducted five hundred fifty interviews served more than two hundred subpoenas search warrants and quarters and tested more than seven hundred items. If the warriors are found indigent they're entitled by law to have a competent defense by a lawyer qualified to handle death penalty cases. Others have also been accused of perjury obstructing Justice for allegedly misleading. Investigators the whole point of this story is how much it's going to cost to prosecute these four people who allegedly murdered eight members of one family in their small community in pike county, Ohio. So what? So what the money that is spent making sure Justice is served. I guess the point of this story in USA today is it it's simply not worth it. It's too cost prohibitive to prosecute. So you let you let Paul Wagner and the rest of their murdering Bob go because it's going to cost too damn much money. Story while the state public defender's office would take on the cost for one capital murder defended pike county prosecutor rob Junkin the other three could fall to the county. The cost would involve more than a lawyer. And likely would include a mitigation expert a defense investigator and forensic scientists all leading up to tens of thousands of dollars. So what price do you put an eight people's lives? This is a this is the most non story story about this story. I think I've ever seen in my life. So about seven hours ago, the reporter so-called someone named Jona Aisin. There's USA today. There's your mic newspaper service. That's the most important thing is how much the prosecution of the Wagner's is going to cost really. What what what what actually passes for news? Sometimes just boggles my mind. That's not the most important part of the story. Most important part of the story is ultimately getting Justice for the rodent family and putting the people who perpetrated these awful horrible acts behind bars or maybe just ending their lives. One way or another the person or persons who were convicted of of doing this should have their lives ended whether they end in prison or in some other method on a gurney somewhere. Just crazy. Nelson's crazy is I work in a building. So supposedly with adults. And it's not as bad as it has been. And I don't know where I'm sharing this with you now. But just point of fact from survey earlier I walked into the men's room. Well, it's not true since we have female employees. We have unisex bathrooms and no one had to negotiator legislate that two bathrooms fit. Everybody. I'm sure the women that work here. Are thrilled about that. Because I walked in earlier to the first unisex bathroom here. I heart media Cincinnati. And I could see as soon as I walk in the toilet is bunker would've said one time was stuffed full of toilet paper. It looks like it wasn't gonna flush wanting to try because I don't want to clean it up. I don't wanna fall in all over the floor on me somebody else can deal with it. Sure, there's a janitorial staff around or a plumber. Because we all have to have two jobs who could fix that. So I walked in the other way, and it was unflushed from the last usage by someone. How hard is it to use the proper amount of toilet paper or to flush the commode when you're done? I just I don't know. Of course, the bathrooms here are nothing like the bathrooms. We had at the building in mount Adams, which has someone referred to once as like a bad public bathroom in a in a bus, stop and a bad part of town. It got to the point mount Adams where public bathroom at a bus. Stop maybe a public bathroom in a bus stop on the south side of Chicago, which hadn't been cleaned since the last crime scene was mopped up and they removed the outline and the caution tape, but I just don't understand how hard is it. Just to operate the equipment properly. Tell you what was on the floor. Anyway. There is also bridge bridges are icy..

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