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How are you doing today Greg to a greater? How about your fantastic? I'm really excited to have you on wanted to have you on for a while. You work with a previous guests Scott. Rows Scott Nine met a couple years ago. I guess it seems like a couple years. We've been added about five years. We've got a couple of ventures together and working on a book together right now. liar. Book and we have a site with subscription. Bilingual micro courses called by language tactics dot com, so we worked together. He's by language guy, more police interrogator, mine, sex resistance trainer. Op Skyward especially I worked as a special forces support interrogator in the first four. So mine is a little more prisoner of war with more terrorists, more police and Crime local, school. Has a right there, because that was one of my questions that I was contemplating while researching and I consider that interrogating a suspect or a criminal. They're not always the same. Is Different than. Interrogating an enemy, combatant or soldier and I'll tell you my reputation. You could tell me from completely off, but like I've had Jack Barsky on. Who is the KGB agent? I don't consider him evil. I consider him to be a Patriot job right? He's just. He works for the other side. How do you reconcile? some in a criminal or suspect versus a soldier? Well first thing is a soldier, either is conscripted and forced to job, or they have signed up there patriot and they're doing a job to protect something. They hold you all take a step. Further and people have been angry at me for saying this before, but if you can't understand the mindset of terrorists, who is. Is Willing to blow himself up for 'cause. You can't interrogate because you're. You're too narrow minded, and you're to focused on. Consider them all in the same person, and that's not the case now. There's a certain thing that causes terrorists. Go go in this. This suicide bomber thing, but prisoners of war typically are not saying now. Are there crazies and criminals there, too, but they're not typically the same. Large numbers of them are patriots. Just like you said in many cases they may have had a day job doing X. Y. or Z..

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