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Of the theme park number two. I think that there's also some unique opportunities that you'll find here that you won't find anywhere else. And from the very beginning much like alani there has been a focus on nature the natural resources and conservation. And if you come during the right time of year which would be from usually about may through the entire summer you have an opportunity to witness and participate in something that is amazing to see because here they have the loggerhead sea turtle nesting grounds and every year. The newly hatched sea turtles are guided into the ocean by nothing other than the moonlight. No exterior lights. Were lights in the hotel windows shine. So you'll see signs everywhere talking about the dark beaches and even the color of the lights at the resort and the lack of lights elsewhere. Because the this is one of the most dense sea turtle nesting spots in the entire western hemisphere so in order to make sure that the turtles and the environment are not disrupted. You'll see that there are stakes and river ribbon walkers but through that summertime if you go down to the ocean about sunrise you'll see that in this five miles of beach that disney is responsible for. You'll be able to see. Oftentimes these baby turtles leaving their nest from the ocean. And how the the the folks from disney really pay attention to inventory in the nest and making sure the turtles get there safely and this conservation awareness there extend beyond just watching the the the sea turtles go into the ocean which is beautiful but there's also a lot of activities to help guests learn more about how to preserve sea turtle habitats. They have a turtle troop were younger. Guests can learn to identify the nesting behaviors and the tracks. And because this is on the treasure coast there the turtles are not the only endangered species are manatees as well so getting the opportunity to experience nature firsthand and close up with the little bit of disney touch on top is another great thing to see in for a lot of people. It's very much a reason to come an attractor for a lot of guests. I know what we saw that years ago. This is another reason why and how they so. Greatly integrate and educate people about nature through this resort is by talking to people about these turtles and how they go out and how to preserve them and protects them when when they do hatch that they can move safely go back to the ocean because it is an endangered species and we do need to care for nature because of how important is for so many parts of the environment and as a quick aside. I love turtles dolls and disney through the resort itself. And you can find out more when you check in has turtle conservation and outing Experiences you can participate in so you can see the loggerheads and the greens and the leatherback turtles. And just as a quick aside disney's contributed literally millions of dollars To the to the worldwide conservation fund specifically for Sea turtle conservation. And if you go into the gift shop there's actually a number of different books resources that you can purchase and take a look at And you'll see how the turtles is very heavily integrated even to design the core of the resort and as we said earlier obviously sea turtle conservation and watching the sea. Journals is not the only activity here by far. And that's why. I said at the beginning you can really pick and choose to you know. Live your own adventure here in terms of how much or how little that you want to do because as soon as you come in you are given a welcome home guide to everything. That's going on both literally inside the resort in the community hall as well as outside the resort both on the beach as well as by the pool areas and there was probably fifteen or so different events and activities that take place every day some many are free to guess others that do have varying levels of cost to them also by the way if you are a disney vacation club member you can get discounts as well and i think if you're an annual pass holder you can possibly get discounts as well because i know you can get a discount on dining so obviously there is the everything you expect a resort. There is the pool. There's the spa. There's the beach but there's a lot of one that you can find that really run. The gamut from sport related ones like shuffleboard. And does it a little cornhole court. There's ping pong. There's a pool table all locate all located right by the pool. there's also Those are all free and you could also rent bicycles. Well which assault with a small fee associated with those as. Well you go to close which is sort of the the sign up location located right by the pool but there's also things like a surf school. You can an excursion to learn how to fish in your own local lakes there's mini. There's a little miniature golf course here basketball and tennis courts as well as a small pond and field directly across the street from the resort Actually location was they. Were going to expand the resort at one point and then they decided to use it for recreation activities instead of instead as well as everything that goes on on the beaches. Well you can rent chairs. Umbrellas cabanas body boards boogie boards. Kayaks which. I wish. I could have done this time. Warner's a little bit chilly for me. And i think during times of the year you can also rent wave runners but even beyond the outdoor activities inside the community hall which is located just off the pool area. There are a number of. There's probably five different activities that take place throughout the day again from kids to adults. There are many mickey masterpieces. Disney matt photo frame memory jars canvas bags seashell painting disney pillows tile art I know you guys you probably remember. My kids are both very crafty. You guys did a bunch of these the first time that we came here and love doing those both inside the community hall as well as outside as well. do you remember doing any of those. Any of those crafts. I remember very vaguely doing a few of them. Because i know little mern and now big mern we. I always love doing craft and then having something that i can take home and also like sort of creates a memory and like something to do. So i definitely remember we did the. There's mickey tie-dye that we that we did which was really fun which they teach. It's more like a course they teach you how to do it I remember like long long time ago. The first time that we came they had like a stuffed animal. I don't think they do it anymore. But they have like a stuffed animal Little craft and they had like a shark tooth necklace craft. Which i believe they still do as well. So.

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