Mary Sharipova, Serena Williams, New Orleans discussed on The Tony Kornheiser Show


Yeah serena you'd know who they were yeah it was just that a guest spot on that showtime program billions which was upset way that's mary sharipova in that phantasm right well that's kelly okoye news on now yeah yes oh it's a great show and by the way she put out this to american women who are in the quarterfinals madison keys i wouldn't stephen very slow slowed even to one the city opening a couple would not know them but i know serena williams i've got one more final story for story how many choices do you think you could eat in eight minutes mr tower they prepared just just half show show twenty minutes minutes twenty nightstop how about if i got the twenty how about forty dozen no i don't think i could do over three hundred was somebody a person or animal it was the world eating oysters hitting championship in new orleans at the oyster festival which is to have this deren breeden of orange virginia one that he will know he should be invited to the white house joey chestnut yard that's winning hashtag winning second place twenty seven dozen oysters threat right yes so he was since right yeah that was that was to me many minutes are they do you keep bringing out a dozen so so you you just just on well five dozen a minute yeah that was michelle lesko she was the defending champion so this wasn't you know some pass.

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