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The mers collectively work quite Frank this bill is about women's health care bill Walsh went into further detail as he explained what worries him most about the absence thereof in the case of those states where women's rights are overturned my concern is women gonna do procedures that are dangerous not by medical doctors put the woman it with the families at risk women at risk that that's what I think is the biggest most controversial piece of what's happening here today in this country the the user say pushing women back into the back alleys for back alley abortions that should not be happening in America at the end of the day you know it comes down to a woman's right the individual person's right to whatever decision they will make we should be working to support that person on Beacon Hill Chris fama WBZ Boston's newsradio some serious delays to report on the Providence line of the commuter rail it's all because of a downed wire near canton junction the MBTA is warning commuters of delays up to an hour on that line one trains actually reversing back to Sharon station to allow commuters to get off and find alternate transportation. coming up on WBZ what's being shaved off your paycheck in Massachusetts starting today and where it's going we'll tell you inside the next three men. right now it's eleven thirty three time for traffic and weather together and starts with Subaru retailers are going with all wheel drive traffic on the three engine where we gonna start off get Florida started south of town here on the expressway south bound you're all locked up here for mass Avenue getting downright lane crash just before Columbia road once you get past that you're looking pretty good down the Braintree split north bound tap the brakes in the pots in then you're a little heavier Savin hill up to Columbia road everybody looking over at that crash lower in the one twenty eight that's looking much better now coming up through the Dedham stretch earlier crash cleared away you're looking good on route three twenty four and ninety five downtown lower deck still slow getting on the say come bridge here but we had an earlier break down inside the tunnel looks like that has cleared away sterile drive west bound slowdowns approaching right wing work crews on that ramp to Kenmore square over now wife Burke parkway in summer really gonna crash of High Street right near the deal boys stadium expect delays both directions there and one twenty eight south bound you're jammed of Waltham propeller road down the road work taken a lane after winter street this report sponsored by indeed dot com indeed used by over three million businesses for hiring were business owners and HR professionals can post job openings with screener questions then sort reviewing communicate with candidates from an online dashboard learn more at indeed dot com slash higher Kevin Brennan WBZ's traffic on the three thank you Kevin eleven thirty four now and we will be seeing some sunshine today a little bit later on it'll bring the temperatures up to mid seventies are forecast time for today overnight.

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