Kellyanne Conway, Dr Allan Lichtman, Donald Trump discussed on Dave Ramsey


Your host Ryan Gorman with me tonight, Rory O'Neill. We have some great guests lined up in a few minutes. We'll talkto Washington Examiner senior political correspondent. David Drucker. Also Dr Allan Lichtman is going to join us. He has correctly predicted the winner of each presidential race since Ronald Reagan's win in 1984, using his 13 Keys system will find out what he thinks about this upcoming 2020 election and Elena Train Axios White House reporter covering President Trump in Congress. Will also join us this hour. Let's start with a recap of last night beyond the realities of a brutal storm bearing down on the Gulf Coast and the continued chaos in Kenosha. The Republicans pushed forward with a tightly knit evening on their third night of the Republican National Convention to main themes, werewolves in together throughout the night in speeches that largely complemented each other in their consistency. The first order of business was to celebrate women on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the 19th amendment. The centennial celebration of women getting the right to vote gave the RNC the perfect opportunity to highlight women speakers who Use their platforms to smooth over what many Americans CIA's president Trump's rough edges in particular trumps outgoing senior adviser Kellyanne Conway and his daughter in law. Eric's wife, Laura, sought to describe trumps softer side. To demonstrate that he is empathetic and that he's always supported women in the workplace, elevating them to senior positions in his organization and in the administration. And Kellyanne Conway said. The president has a long history of elevating women. For decades, he has elevated women to senior positions in business and in.

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