Al Franken, Melanie, Senate discussed on Rush Limbaugh


And she sent me a note claiming you said will over women come forward will i will she claims that al franken's stalked her in two thousand and she is preparing me find she writes at a at a website now called the media equaliser dot com and she is at the moment preparing a story on this so melanie who we all know by the way is now claiming to be another woman stalked by then comedian al franken al franken by the way said it was this uso trip that convinced him to run for the senate in two thousand six so once again wait is one of the democrats can there was to be a press conference that started about twenty minutes ago that was cancelled senator schumer in senator reid we're going to do a press conference i'm sure that we're going to hammer latest on roy more and hammered a republicans and basically demand a republican just leave town in a why are you guys you got more just leave town lunges resign all of you resign an just give us washington was willing to be the subject of press conference i'm joking but that's what their daytoday objective and a republican sometimes make it look like that's what they're going to do is just give the democrats washington mitch mcconnell's demanding an ethics committee investigation into frank him chuck schumer and jack reed have cancelled their presser because apparently they didn't want to deal with questions there's a big difference to when the first royal more allegations came up the republicans beat the democrats do the microphones and cameras to condemn the guy now that al franken has been implicated with photographic evidence the democrats have no interest in going to the cameras and microphones hallel of a republican hit this aid now little brian stelter over at cnn and he's our media analyst is the guy that does reports on how well the media's doing for cnn he's the howard kurtz if you will of cmn and i guess that brian is upset that i am not taking a leadership position with you in this audience in the effort to get rid of and berry roy more brian this terribly upset that i have fallen back on my identifier as an entertainer and that i am sure king my obvious leadership role he said this this morning on cnn's new that by the.

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