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The robert wood johnson foundation at rw jf dot org it's morning edition from npr news i'm david greene and i'm rachel martin it's a new era for shin fame that's the political party that has fought for a united independent ireland sinn vein had close ties to the irish republican army during three decades of violence in northern ireland known as the troubles now the party has elected a new leader here's npr's lauren fair police have now confirmed that the ira gunman 435 years sheen feign was led by gerry adams he frequently refused to condemn shootings and bombings by the irish republican army will not condemn the ira is uh quite legitimate resistance to but eventually adams rejected armed struggle helped broker the good friday peace agreement that ended the violence she maintains new president mary lou mcdonald says she can never replace such an important figure my friends i won't failed jerry shoes but the news is that i brought liaohe and they are very different choose past xinfei leaders have had working class roots in britishruled northern ireland mcdonald is from a middle class family she went to private school and most importantly she's from the south the republic of ireland and that reflects a change in xinfang strategy glucose ocean veins priorities is no longer in belfast it's in the south of ireland it's in dublin pat lahey political editor of the irish times says xinfei in wants to win power on both sides of the uk irish border in order to eventually unite northern ireland with the republic lay he recalls when mcdonald was first elected to the european parliament in two thousand four nobody'd ever heard of her but she was so different southern young female speaking with had kind of distinctive dolan middle class accent that was so so different to the public face of champagne trinity college dublin mcdonald's alma mater is filled with the sort of young educated voters xinfei in hopes to attract but grace farrell the catholic student from the north who has voted for shen fame so she worries the party is trying to.

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