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All polos cute zips entities with code. Take Okay here. He is billy football move. Okay we now. Welcome on One of our favorite guests former intern set free into the world. It is billy football. He's joining us from an undisclosed location somewhere. In America. He is quarantined bought. We figured we had dr FAO beyond last week. Why not have a Gen zere notice? I didn't say millennial agenda that everyone is talking about in the news today to help us. Better understand krona virus slash. We just wanted to see billy's face and talk to so billy welcome back. It's great to see you. It's great to hear from you. How are you feel A minor cough currently quarantined Do being exposed to some with corona The person I'm with is showing a lot of symptoms of Koran without a fever so Hopefully I can give you some tips on how to take care of some with corona. Yes just give you background in kind of you know Dr He's a legend in his regard I know where have any sort of Then chills I wouldn't say that you're you're very well qualified to talk about at your ear. Like Resident Zoom. Her health correspondent right. Now Yeah you also have just like a strong virile mind. That is curious. Intellectually curious and vivacious. So I think you're more than qualified to give some answers on on the Ronan. The BIG C. I just want to have a little adult field research. I'd say pretty the outside but I I want to start this. I promised couple people that if I was GONNA go on. I sort of send a message. I know this is GonNa be about ten minutes of your time as you know. Free here inviting on part of my take. This is like this is like a Honestly my grandma told me to say a bunch of this because she's foresees kind of disappointing locked in Zuma's Yup so basically this might be Iran's I hope it's more like a pep talk for the country but take a knee America. He got around so basically. Everybody has a cause in my generation. Everyone's got some sort of thing that they you know. They got going there a vegetarian. They love the earth that you want to legalize pot or something. All of these things have in common. The one thing that all these people no matter they want to solve global warrior. Whatever at the end of the these people just want to help people that's the main thing the basis of all of these and you know I'm not a big 'cause guy a mortgage Alike you know. Get through the day short. Deal with what I have to deal with Stay out of trouble guy but this is a cause. I think that everybody who at the end of the day just to help people that we really just got to help people you know. If you don't Deanna Day like I'm really calling upon my generation we get a lot of Arm flack from the old elders. Who remers listening? No more a lot of golf. You get a lot of Goth who Who gives a hard time for being on our phones but I think we have the potential to be one of the greatest generations looking at historical context the last time a pandemic hit the United States was nineteen hundred. Nineteen eighteen was when the greatest generation of our time we bought it grew up during the Spanish flu in the Great Depression. A fought world war two and they helped us achieve this postwar Debate debate Boom that brought you know a lot of better a lot of people's lives. I think we have the potential. If we really deal with this virus we combat it. You know the older people really have to you know sit on the sidelines for this one because at the end of the day they're going to get sick and we got to step up in you know the younger ones are not gonNa do anything so like we can't depend on preteens. The talk generation are really going all out your generation shaming the bat. I mean I'm too young so we gotta step up. We gotta start helping our communities. You know you got nothing to do. You're sitting inside. You know if you're healthy and you if you're an able body go out with masks and gloves in disinfectants. You know deliver for your favorite wrestler. Help out your favorite restaurant. How about your community deliver for old people? Make sure disinfecting everything you gotta start taking care of the elders who have taken care of us for our whole lives so we are de de. Yeah this is like legit like they're saying that like you know like honesty like you say that our lives are pretty boring before this just in the general way like now. We have a cost. So let's mobilize motivate and just get it go because we could really accomplish something here now. I'm not saying that. This is no disrespect to the Grayson Robin on Earth. But we could be the Lebron to their. Mj If you will of something we can get going and Then we really got a look at our. You know our privileges being a citizen of the United States of America because you know debatably but pretty easily could say that we you know. Our government will not get authoritarian with us in lock us in our homes or quarantine us so we have to take that privilege of damn trusting us to do the right thing to go out and make sure we do not spread this virus billie but don't go outside right though. Just listen to directions and try to help out as much as you can your communities and societies because everyone's pretty stretched thin right now. I'm just if you're an able body. Just do what you can to help out the situation. You know basically the Spanish flu. I'm looking stoically. Spanish flu were hit worse. The second winter now thinking about this. We got hit with this as America about what February. I'd say January February. We only had the back end of winter. Summer it's going to get better but if we don't have now come the fall we're going to get hit harder than we are now so if we act now we can do things like you know. If you don't care about if is slipping your mind that you guys saved elders. You know your friends will sister with asthma and we got to think about one thing. We're not GONNA have football. Come for I for the first time since I think the invention of American football we're not gonNA football and you know if that's your driving four slake. I played eleven seasons of football. If I'M GONNA miss my senior season because people can't get their stuff together I mean you know. Act like good citizens of this country then. I don't know what we're going to do so if we can Dan if we don't if football gets canceled God forbid in. Hopefully it's not this. Got It after that. Yeah because the second winter is GonNa Like it's not gonna I'm not GonNa say it's GonNa destroy us because will persevere against that in a minute but I need to you know. Get our stuff together. We can solve this like listen. Like stop partying. I know it's spring. Break just stopped because there will be other spring break if you keep already in. That might actually. I might sound like a like we. We want another one. Yeah not if the crossovers still around yes right. Yeah so no other reason. Just let billy have his senior night like I want. Billy to be walked across the field by his proud parents. You know wearing roses and big buttons with his big smiling face on onto their chest. If you don't let billy have that senior night then that's on you like I don't. It might not float your boat right now to be like. Oh I'm going to stay inside and not party but just think what you're doing to William Football. Yeah like think about somebody else. I mean if if you're not GONNA do it for the people you love and you're that sick in the head. I mean maybe do it for me. I duNno out. Attract no whatever it takes. We don't want billy football to graduate in a fucking zoom meeting. Come on people anyways. Tell me more about the Spanish flu billy. Spanish flu was insane so actually it was the first swine flu. Oh it it actually. It was actually it started in Kansas swine as pig right. Yeah so the. The the hog farms in Kansas were right next to US military base and it spread amongst the US service members that went to Europe and spread it all during World War. One and that was the first winter. It wasn't that bad but then the second winter it went nuts so we're looking pandemics that's also respiratory disease. They say killed more people than actual casualties in World War One. I know I'm scared people right now. But don't worry there's a there's a there's a silver lining at the end of this okay. I'll get to like Alice. Gary more people we have enough people trying to scare people but at the end is listen this. The plague in the Middle Ages led to the renaissance. The Spanish flu in America led to probably World War Two but it led to the post war. Boom that we're all still practically enjoying where you could say led to the to the defeat of Nazism. Yeah the rise first and then also the defeat right before you get that part in there. Think about what when we get out of this when we do not if when we get out of this. Because we're going to get out of this is gonNA take a lot. Think about what that's GonNa what's going to happen is going to be a renaissance of the twenty first century. And when we get there we can celebrate but right now we got to make the do the blocking and tackling to get it done before you the touchdown dances. You've got to win in the trenches. I what do you think to the twenty first century renaissance is GonNa look like just know. I see it's going to be content. Creation people are people are creating content in their homes. Everyone has nothing to do. But I think it's going to bring back a lot of stuff that we lost during the tech generation because if you're using tech you can't film other tacklers playing video games. Keep learning to bring back traditions. That day sort of lost. Because they're too busy on their phones and stuff where the people are gonNA fill up seeing people like bring back or games organic shakes more stuff like craft traditions that were lost like pornography there's GonNa be a boom in an amateur like just homemade porn. Just kick it with the guys agreements extreme whose parents aren't Monte Manolis. We're GONNA get later. Yeah so anyway. We're we're hitting the point where McDonald's closing seven. Pm Eastern time on. Monday might not have football. America's never faced something like this in a long time. I mean that you just. I'M GONNA say this right now. Billy like we've talked. A lot of people have read a lot of stuff. Mcdonald's closing at seven PM. That's a sobering thought. Yeah you can't get a big Mac after seven pm on Monday Leslie June delivery thing on that share. I just saw that article about breakfasts are they. Are they still going to be opening the more you get by the way? If I'm wrong about anything I said please fact check me. I've just Branca. No you're not. You're not a scientist now. People knowing this be seven. Pm Do you think people should go in? Maybe horde as many French citizens and beforehand we maybe you got till seven pm tomorrow. In fact check. Bill Gibson Pinocchio at these me for adults counts is not perishables check. So it's interesting because when you reach out to us and we tried to set you up coming on the show I was interested to know more about from your nutritional background you are nutritionists when you first joined part of my take. What are some things that people can do? Some good non-perishables that they can stock up on that will deliver you like long term nutritional value. Okay so my diet strategy for the planning for the apocalypse and low key like a closet guy. You just gave us a pump up speech. I know but you got to prepare for the worst. Okay all right so like I used to watch like Doomsday Every channel when I was little and it was always like. Oh man when it hits. I'm GonNa know what to do so I've plan strategy in place so I saw. This isn't a plug by any means. But I was looking at the non perishables and I found.

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