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The legitimacy of our democracy now at look bad for the president that he lost the popular vote so badly it look bad that he made up a ridiculous claim about voter fraud god and it looked bad that he was unwilling to try to prove the claim with an investigation so in july he launched an investigation any form of illegal or fraudulent voting whether by non citizens or the deceased and any form of voters suppression or intimidation must be stopped notice he did say and any form of voter suppression or intimidation so far there is no voters suppression or intimidation commission but the hunt for voter fraud has found a first targets state new hampshire the swing state the clinton kerry than the close vote and were a democrat maggie hassen unseeded repub looking kelly are for us senate in an even closer vote trump has tweeted again without evidence that thousands of people from massachusetts were bust into the granite state to vote that was his tweet here is trump's pointman on alleged voter fraud chris call back on new hampshire simply looking at its some of the numbers hard statistics about individuals who cat used a out of state driver's license to vote on the same day know register and vote on the same day in new hampshire and this has been issued alleged has been grappling with for some time and yes new hampshire law allows sameday voter registration even without of state driver's licenses if people say they reside in the state so let's see what's there and what's happening with trump's voter fraud commission there joining me is new hampshire public radio correspondent casey mcdermott thanks for doing this casey welcome to wnyc hello from new york thanks for having me why are a trump and chris callback focusing on new hampshire as fertile ground for their voter fraud claims at well i think you you laid it out pretty clearly and your info there i think it has to do with a number of things that combination of the way that our states better lives are set up to allow sameday registration and some to you that as being to lose although the the law does include a number of um mm mechanisms for asking people to provide some kind of form of proof that they live where they are trying to vote on the.

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