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That is totally unrelated to what they are being investigated for whose now paul manafort paul manafort metaphor bad affords said basically wait a minute you are charging me with lying about something that's totally irrelevant to what you accused me of i'm going to sue you because that is there any riot it adds yeah go get him it's basically a trap i could say doug stephane i accuse you of having the missiles buried in your backyard and they arm at the far you know hike usually that at i i i demand that you testify in front of congress so you can the congress ventures were your girlfriend becky joe miller from 1979 and what your conversation was with becky joe miller because that's relevant to this case her name was brenda miller buy them that's where i kaci lied her neighbors brenda you told me and it was becky now you are now charged by the fbi sheriff you don't tell us the truth we're going to send you to jail it's how analyst is brandon miller is a friend in that era was be worth going to jail for a little while so crummy what did you do about this on your podcast evil thoughts well i talk about it all week i think it's drugs speaking of a new one jeff sessions what i think it's drugs for democrats i i really do know this and the issue by issue is is it going to be enough for 2018 i mean you you talked about pelosi and schumer they don't really have anything to add their kind of libanon some kind of a false promise in you got a wonder is that good down the line at make it may be great at me translate into people voting in 2018 and then again it may not be enough so that i think that's what's going on while it'd be it they can put trump's face on anything if they want to and say you want their so do you want that that's what they'll that's the game they'll play 28 past the hour on talk radio re this is the and pelayo the irish money you.

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