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Support plan now that package would provide various forms of support including software and maintenance to the Saudi Royal airforce at le- at six different airbases in the regime through December thirty first twenty twenty five. So we are going to continue apparently aiding and abetting the. Saudi government in in all the horrific things that they have done in Yemen. And we now have more concrete sense of how long that lasts because of TY T investigates reporting here, it will go through twenty twenty five and and I wanna point out that the heroes that lead this fight and almost one in congress to stop that funding for the war in Yemen. And the stop to support of the Saudis were Rokon on the house and Bernie Sanders in the Senate once again, the most progressive members of congress are the ones that either take action and get things done as they did was stop bazo sacked or come incredibly close to actually getting other getting the Republican vote with them and do more progressive legislation when the so-called moderates have gotten almost nothing done. So let's be honest about whose practical and pragmatic, but unfortunately, they they missed out by three votes in the house because of. Five corporate conservative Democrats voted with the Republicans so underside understand who's on whose side here. And I also want to help people visualize just how bad the situation in the m and is now there's been great photo journalism from the New York Times on this story. And I I wanna commend them for that. But in terms of broadcast journalism, I haven't really seen much coverage on this at all. And there hasn't been anything to help people visualize what's going on. So we're about to show you some images of you, many children and just the toll that this war in Yemen is taking on them. These are innocent civilians, obviously, but the images are difficult to look out. So I want to give you a warning before we go to them. But this is what Donald Trump supports. This is what Donald Trump is complicit in. It is horrendous the famine that's taking place, the tens of thousands of children who have already lost their lives as a result of this war. I it's so heartbreaking. So let me explain the numbers. So fourteen million people are on the precipice of dying from hunger in Yemen. It's unbelievable that in the year twenty eighteen that millions of people might die from hunger. Five million of them are kids. It has already begun the deaths have begun the famine has been around for a while. Eighty five thousand kids have already starved to death in Yemen. So they didn't have to the Saudis blocked a port that brings in food and medicine. That's why they're starving. And and so they control the country and the Saudis don't, but the Saudis control the port so the country's starving. And so we we should be incredibly upset about what happened in Jamal kashogi the Saudi government chop them up beheaded him and cetera. But we should be even more upset about eighty five thousand kids who starved to death because of the bar Barrick regime of Saudi Arabia and our eight of them. And again, this TYP story proves we unin bay a undeterred by this massacre. That's happening in Yemen. The United States military still working with the Saudis all the way through twenty twenty-five. And by the way who benefits. In this case, it's a company called tactical communications group. So a defense contractor is still making money while those kids started remember why we launched bombs on Syria a little while back who was last year and Brian Williams called the bomb spectacular and beautiful and the media's celebrated the Donald Trump was being tough. And finally, he's the president..

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