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You know what. I mean I don't know. I'm a firm believer in jujitsu. It's fucking grueling. Basically this situation placate stays say somebody does come up and grabbed from behind If you're comfortable doing something like this you would basically like down or hook their leg and take them down to the floor with you. Take another floor. Says you get them. And then they fall straight down their back once. They've hit their back. They're going to more than likely going to let go up you now from there you can do a few things side mount rolling over top out get up and get the fuck away get up. Get the fuck away. Probably the best thing to do right. But there's just a chain of auctions. Because yeah i mean it's a lot. It's a lot more realistic for a woman to train for self than like a karate or box. You know you girls not gonna fucking box with you. You know what i mean. You're gonna back one time. She's gonna drop. Why veron what's there on louis. Veron what does that lie. Yeah so boy. Tie is a for a lesser form of brought. It boy doesn't have certain kicks in certain moves. That moir on does veron was designed for war and island thailand thing. Yeah it's from thailand. tyzzer bad motherfuckers. Men bad mother fuckers advance against all. Now do tony. Jabu ruin it bought. I mean that you don't see a lot of kung fu ufc anymore. You know what i mean. I watched the to video. The is two masters agreed to meet in the park and fight to the death guy ended up taking can hammer fisting him. It ended up on the ground in ten seconds on their fucking hammerfest in each other to to boot masters. You know what i mean like. You still still signed. Yeah for sure. This is defined to the dench in the part in their in rolling on the ground. do increase. Yeah you know i. Like the japanese the okinawans. They were small their style. They wanted to punch a hole through your fucking body like in karate kid when he's breaking the ice little it chinese the wushu to redirect your energy you know what i mean the koreans taekwondo. They wanna spin. Kick your fucking head off tiles. Thailand's their elbows in their shins. We're gonna challenge just one. I'll get legs and slice your fucking face open. You know what. I mean Americans wrestling boxing Greco roman greece and rome. Said you know what i mean. A person who's been practicing american boxing wrestling for one year could be a might lifelong martial artist as bruce lee.

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