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Adam Silver, Madison Square Garden, NBA discussed on The Sports Reporters


Time and it's a constantly rotating menu so it changes around there's no weekly commitment you can only get you get deliveries only when you want them and there's nothing better than knowing that no matter what happens in your daily life you got a chef cook dinner waiting at home when you get back so check out this week's menu created by freshly chefs and you get twenty five dollars off your first order of six shift cook dinners plus free shipping here's how you do what you go to freshly dot com slash sports reporters the food tastes better that way freshly dot com slash sports reporters and be relieved to come home to chef cooked meal every night freshly dot com slash sport supporters for twenty five dollars off your first order it is time for our parting shots and j p leads the way on tuesday nba commissioner adam silver stood before packed audience hulu theater of madison square garden we've seen nba commissioners introduced top draft picks for years only this time it was different instead of introducing a seven foot fina like deandra eight and silver called trae oh boyd's name just moments before dallas mavericks owner mark cuban had given him a congratulatory phone call who is our trae oh boyd boyd also known as dimes became the first pick in the nba to cage wrath which was televised on nba tv and twitch this wasn't the type of draft i'm used to watching this was an e sports draft with adam silver at the podium i'm forty seven years old always thought sports where we run and jump pitch and catch shoot and pass we'll be more popular than video games i couldn't believe what i was watching but maybe i shouldn't be surprised my eleven year old son won't sit down with me to watch opening day baseball but he'll watch guy named ninja along with seven hundred thousand others play fortnight with drake and juju smith schuster adam silver's a smart guy last year's nba two k tournament drew one point six million viewers and on tuesday dimes made history the world is changing even mitch albom and mike luca or podcasting.

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Adam Silver, Madison Square Garden, NBA discussed on The Sports Reporters

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