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Play around with and test out it's really flexible ob is really really flexible what is this rewind feature i'm trying to understand what i'm looking at is this like source control but it's done like a dvr that's a that's a good point so glitch rewind is a new feature that we came out with not too long ago because we just came out of beta and what glitz rewind does is it reinvents version control and undo you know when you're learning something or when you're really kind of trying to figure something out we wanna put that confidence back into coding so with rewind you can undo any of your mistakes at any time just by clicking the rewind button and dragging the scrubber across the time line back to a point or state in your code where things were better yeah and it's interesting because you know i've been i've been running around trying to break it figure out what i can do to break clips because you know hackers always fair and i was moving too fast maybe and i got some kind of an error and it looks like you are using get underneath so you're almost teaching them source control without making them think about get that's right that's pretty slick as a really nice way to get people up to speed but it's in a safe place for lack of a better word it's a safe place it's very easy to share your work you can invite others to to work on a project with you and even if you get stuck on anything there's also another new feature that we have put out i think we're sort of internally calling it handwriting or at least that's how i've heard it called internally were you can highlight a line that you might be having a problem with an a.

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