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Nero was merely an adopted son and claudius had other children from previous wives. Luckily agra pena had one last move that would solidify her son's place as claudius air marriage. Niro was disinterested in power. He was happy with his artistry and enjoyed his lessons from seneca. The last thing he wanted was to get married and succumb to the obligations of living in the emperor's family and putting on a show for the masses but agra pena didn't care much about her teenage sons opinion niro's rise wasn't just about niro. It was about their family. The line of germanacos consolidating power and the best way to do this was to have narrow mary. One of claudius daughters so agra pena set her sights on octavia who at the time was around thirteen or fourteen years old even though she was narrow. Stepsister niro and octavia were married. In the summer of fifty three ce niro wasn't merely an adopted son any longer he was now. Claudius son in law as well but fifteen year old niro was unhappy. He detested his father uncle and didn't care much for his new wife cousin either but he knew he had duty to his mother and he wanted to please her. He reluctantly joined palace gatherings and gave officials speeches in the senate usually written by seneca slowly but surely niro is being introduced to the public as the face of power in rome even though he still preferred singing to speeches for the most part romans. Both citizens and senators alike accepted narrow. He had the endorsement of seneca and a storied family to boot. It was all but certain that he would eventually rule rome. All that was left was for emperor. Claudius to die. Of course agra pena had a solution for that too to hear the rest of this episode followed dictators. A spotify original from podcast. Listen free and follow on spotify or wherever you get your podcasts..

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