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The new variant and says it worked face three trials are being planned in Spain and the U. S. I'm Nika McGaugh has now sacramental traffic. Good evening 903 Bob Williams from the KFBK Traffic Center. He been eye on things as far as SMUD outages. We had a little bit of a improvement over the last half hour. We started the half hour with 40,000 customers, and we're down to 30,000 customers out. In the last seven minutes of the bump that up to over 51,000 smud customers without power. The biggest problem right now is going to be the ardent area with over 20,000 customers without power, followed by Carmichael with over 16,000. Other problem areas include Citrus heights with over 2500 customers out Portland area with over 500 downtown Sacramento over 500 east Sacramento over 200. Executive airport over 200 Fair Oaks over 400 floor in over 400 also golf area now up to 1500 customers without power. Laguna 700 Land Park 700 North Highlands has gone back up to 2300 nearly 2400 north Sacramento at 1400 Orange Veil now at 2200 customers without power pocket Greenhaven at over 250, also with minor outages in Rancho Cordova and Real Linda. And south of the Thomas. Now if you come upon a stew intersection that's in a darkened condition. Treat like a four way stop. Don't go blowing through it because someone else's life will be doing the same thing. Stop. Look both ways. Make sure if things clear before you move on, Make sure you've got your radio with batteries in it. You got your cell phone, charged up and just kick back and enjoy the pat wall. So now if you're traveling Heading towards Oregon North out by five. You're gonna be stopped 10 Miles north of reading in a place called Fun, Dale. I lived in the area. You don't want to stop there. If you're traveling north or know someone it is. Get on the phone. Tell him to get a hotel in reading. You're not going to go any farther than that, As far as they are area freeways. We are looking right now at change required on highway 25 miles east of at a city. The junction of 80 also changed required on the upper elevations of state route 49 no reductions in another no trained chain restrictions on highways. 50 over. Echo Summit. I 80 that's another story. Three miles east of gold run to the Donner Lake Interchange. Do have reports of a crash working on the Cap City freeway. We're seeing reduced lanes right now. So do expect some delays traveling through that area and we do have some problems with the slow down on South bound fire approaching Elk Grove Boulevard. We have reports of attenuate er barrels, blocking the roadway. Those who lose a crash barrels and on the roadway. A number of those have blown loose tonight. So be careful. You see one of those coming along to dodge it slow down. Avoid it. They will leave a nasty scar on the side of your car. Traffic, every 10 minutes mornings and afternoons. Next. Update. 9 33 Bob Williams News 93.1 kfbk Now Sacramento weather We'll be quite windy tonight with rain becoming heavy, low 41 or 45 windy and cool tomorrow with the caves to rain. I've 51 to 55 were rain tomorrow night Little 47 51 Mackey Weather meteorologist by Varsity Blues 93.1. KFBK.

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