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Former congressman Anthony Weiner jail for sexting, a minor now out on parole, vandalism at a Brooklyn synagogue being investigated as a possible hate crime by the NYPD, the mayor blasts Amazon for just abandoning its plan to build in the city without trying to win over critics the White House whips up the rhetoric to build a border wall while congress prepares to disapprove of the president's declaration of emergency and ISIS fight to the end using civilians as shields in Syria in sports, we got the Rangers penguins each tied at one right now that gain just finished its first period tonight. It's the devils and sabers and the NBA all star game on this Sunday February seventeenth good afternoon. I'm Joe avatar. He called himself Carlos danger. But former congressman Anthony Weiner went to jail for sexting, a minor. Now, Mike smelt says he's out on parole. Good behavior is Anthony Weiner out of lockup earlier that his full 21-month sensing, former queens congressman is currently still in federal custody here, New York TMZ reports either in a halfway house or confined to his home. They'll be that way for another three months that his life as a registered sex offender on parole. Begins Weiner, had previously been spending his time behind bars and a white collar prison in Massachusetts that's known for specialized program for sex offenders called high intensity programming to prevent re-offending. Weiner was not the only New Yorker that prison. He shared the federal facility with the conciliatory to the beetle crime family and with Peter made off brother of Bernie Madoff, Mike, schmaltz WCBS, NewsRadio eight eighty the front window of a synagogue in. Bushwick was smashed NYPD's investigating it as a possible. Hate crime rabbi on Hawkin Heller tells. Mike smelted happened early Saturday to in the morning when his wife was feeding their ten month old. He said eating talking and drinking. You know, having a good time. And we just heard boom was really loud was really scary. Other children were there when they heard the glass crash in the front window of Bushwick on flushing avenue broken. You said it was broken just above the times for Saturday services. Nobody was hurt. Mayor Bill de Blasio attacked Amazon on NBC's meet the press for abandoning its plan to build its second headquarters in New York City. The bottom line is this is an example of an abuse of corporate power. They had an agreement with the people in New York City, as you said a majority of New Yorkers believed that they wanted the jobs. They wanted the revenue that would help us to create more formidable housing better mass transit there was a consensus in New York City. There are some people stood apart. That's fine. That's democracy. I respect them. But Amazon just took their ball and went home. The Blasios says Amazon proved its critics right by cancelling its plan New York City campus, rather than trying to win the critics over many supported the Amazon plan to build in Long Island city, some queens. Politicians blasted the almost three billion dollars in refundable tax credits and subsidies, the city and state offered Amazon the White House whipping up the rhetoric to support the president's national emergency to build a border wall. So here's senior White House policy adviser, Stephen Miller on Fox News Sunday. This is a threat in our country. Not overseas not in Belarus, not as involved, but not enough ghanistan or Syria Iraq, but right here at the president can't defend this country, then you cannot fulfill his constitutional oath of office. Several Republican senators have already indicated they will vote against President Trump on a Bill to show disapproval of the national emergency though, there do not yet appear to be enough votes to override a presidential veto if Trump vetoes their disapproval Bill, the California Democratic congressman, Adam. Shift points of the constitution, which gives congress the legislature the power of the purse, not the president. If we give away if we surrender the power of the purse, which is our most important power. There will be little check and no balanced left. It will not be a separation of powers anymore. Just a separation of parties. So this is going to be a moment of truth for my GOP colleagues. President Trump's expected to announce the defeat of ISIS sometime this weekend, but CBS news. Correspondent Cami McCormick tells us the last pocket of resistance in Syria is presenting some problems Islamic state fighters are preventing hundreds of civilians from leaving a village in eastern Syria, and the ISIS fighters are hiding among this billions and a tent village in using caves and tunnels the remaining ISIS fighters may include high level commanders and the US backed Kurdish forces say the end of the ISIS caliphate is near it's not clear how long this battle could rage on. CBS news time one thirty five attorneys for empire. Actor Josse smollet deny reports at smell hired two men to stage the attack on him. However, CBS news correspondent Carter. Evans says sources say two men who were briefly detained then released without being charged or telling a very different story. The Nigerian brothers arrested in connection with the assault on empire actor Jesse Smolen or no longer suspects there now cooperating with police a source close to the investigation confirms to CBS news. The brothers told detectives smollet paid them to participate in the alleged attack on January twenty nine and did they purchased? A rope found around small naked in your by hardware store w CBS news time one thirty five..

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