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After a couple of weeks it's typically three or four weeks impeach hostess their muscles go you know we can handle this we can do a lot of work just burning fat and so the muscles become less reliant on key johns and they literally start saving the key towns sparing the key tones for the brain when that happens there looks to be a decrease in the amount of key tones that you put out because the body just wanted to do really any more work than it has to it any one time and if some at at some point the body says okay the muscles are burning fat really well um we make a little bit of glucose luconia genesis the muscles don't really niki tones the brain needs ketones but it does need that many because the brain doesn't have this huge metabolic up and down surge of of requirement for energy and the brain's kind of steadystate thing so deliver kinda goes okay if we can make just enough he tones to fuel the brain on a day in day out we don't have to wastes key tones in the blood and urine and the breath and so you no longer get those orange five and six bill a moeller jests in fact a longer you've been in he chose is an idol guys have been in doses for you know ten or twelve years they might be point three million lower if they actually did a teach own test and you know by finian of oleksy definition they're not even key toasts but they are sure as hell living akito light right nurse and you know they're just they're getting 23 natie forty grams of carbs day but the body is so adept at utilising fat.

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