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Yep. Tests twenty nine dollars to people are displaced after their university heights apartment caught fire due to a Christmas display. The two people were displaced because of smoke and water damage to the unit as San Diego veteran who runs a construction company is asking for the public's help defined to thieves who stole twenty thousand dollars worth of tools. Edgar daily on a fed vet construction in Tula. Vista says a surveillance video shows a silver Dodge Ram pickup on the property. The chargers are playoff bound after coming back from fourteen points down on three separate occasions. Last night. They stunned the chiefs in Kansas City twenty nine to twenty eight good morning with less than four minutes to play. The chargers down by two scores. Justin Jackson runs went in from three yards out the charges. Get the ball right back then Mike Williams catches a one yard touchdown pass from Philip rivers. And instead of kicking the extra point to tie the game at twenty eight the chargers go for two in Williams, again finds himself wide open in the right corner of the endzone rivers hits him in with the two point conversion the chargers. Win twenty nine to twenty eight. They are now tied with an eleven and three record with the chiefs. The chiefs though, do have the tiebreaker two games remaining on the schedule. The chargers are in the playoffs. But still have a chance to have the number one overall seed if the chiefs can lose at least one of those last two in the chargers would have to win their final two for AM seven sixty. I'm Kyle Preska news eight here's Bill Holland with the market update. Stocks remain lower after a first recovery attempt just ran out of steam. So it's time to try to get European economics continue to deteriorate and China reports. The worst. Economics at a decade as a tariff issues all take a toll on industrial production, however up six can't best in three months in November. Retail sales were up.

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