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Into into something they call situations actionable work items and you get one ping instead of a thousand and it's something you can do something about right now so you could focus on tackling the stuff that matters and if you need an example just look at the dry ice platform from hcl technologies their global it managed service provider you can imagine you know manage service provider means you have many clients all of whom have their own alerts and noises and sounds they use mook soft ai ops and as the event management layer in their dry ice platform that that means clients can streamline operational workflows reduced time in the detects to correct life cycle of incident tickets they've actually seen a thirty three percent reduction in meantime to restore that's a third means they can support more customers with service quality while keeping operational costs low efficiency high and by the way it's good for the soul to feel better you'll be more effective with moog soft ai ops reduce your it alerts and tickets by up to ninety nine percent right now visit mook soft dot com and get a demo moog soft m o o g s o f t dot com see the cow it's mu like a cow but then he likes synthesizers to so as moog soft that calm and get a demo mook soft dot com we thank him so much for their support for making life more peaceful here in the in the in lake twitty kaka.

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