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So that's that's kind of the general breakdown of the theory in the beginning and then we'll get into hurt our you know thickets of bits here so we're gonna talk about that radio communication again it said and i'll i'll give it to you again it says group to 17 is holding four pilots captive and the group is requesting orders concerning what to do with them and then the second version is presently group to tan has four pirates they are going from forty four to 93 the things that people point out that a really interesting about that is that parrott lead the vietnamese interchangeably use the words pilot and pi rid all the time for guys fly and planes they consider them to be pirates i guess is the reason why hurd also that the and this was in the vietnamese i thought it was like the oceans captured these guys they were going to turn them over to the vietnamese i was under the impression that it was the vietnamese that had done it as it was on the hopman trail and therefore the vietnamese army was flowing through there could have been i would say road would we could agree here i don't know but i had heard that they use nomenclature like the word pirate could apply to like bandits and also just members of the opposition lie they're ethic communist guerrillas operating area too and up apparently i heard they referred to them as pirates also yeah so it was it was it was basically a word to describe the enemy and not just a particular group in so pilot in pirate or miss translator to miss decoded jack could lead to confusion which again it's obviously blend up to a whole bunch in here let's see we had at one point in the initial reading it was group to seventeen in the second reading it was group to ten people say that the difference fanatically in the language between two and to 17 isn't isn't much so it could easily have been miss translated to there's something that people pocos into it with.

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