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To assure you inform you and encourage you every single day on the New York show it's why I'm so thankful when we get a new affiliate Mike we did this week ninety point nine and the border of Tennessee the tri cities area the border of Tennessee and and Virginia and ninety point nine is a terrific station and I am so happy to be on in Bristol and then what Johnson City the the tri city area is full of smart people and the the folks at tri cities W. F. H. G. F. M. super talk ninety two point nine our Kingsport Johnson City and Bristol pursuing Tennessee thirty Virginia you know why we're adding affiliates you know why because I tell you the truth I do not slam people I have a Christian worldview J. deeply embedded in me I'm an evangelical Roman Catholic presbytery and I'll tell you about that another time but you can trust me that's why people are losing their show in numbers greater than ever before and I appreciate your trust and I get what the president is trying to do and I want you to understand what he's trying to a replay cuts eighteen and nineteen the president with one of his foils Jim Acosta who cannot let go of bottom in the present yesterday used the quiet approach to Jim Acosta cut number eighteen ounce of what could have happened in the actions that you took is there any fairness to the criticism that you may have all the Americans into a false sense of security when you were saying things like it's going to go away this and that sort of thing but Jim it's going a lot when you were sexually to go away hopefully at the end of the month and if not then hopefully will be soon after that but what is going on this has your thinking on this of all you're taking it more seriously I think from the beginning my attitude was that we have to give this country I know how bad it was so you have to do is look at what was going on in China it was devastation and forget look at the numbers from China those initial numbers coming out from China but you know I read an article today which was very interesting they say we wish president trump would give more bad news keep it nice I'm not about badges I want to give people hope I want to get people a feeling that we all have a chance I mean when when you saw when you saw the numbers and when John and Polly if so those numbers are you saying a hundred twenty thousand people you me that's good a hundred thousand people within a short period of time I want to give people a feeling of hope not he went on to explain more to Jim Acosta cut number nineteen he uses the word I want to listen as he uses the word cheerleader which she first used with me in June of twenty fifteen when he was candidate trump he's always had the same vision of the presidency cut number nineteen I want to be positive I don't want to be negative I have to I'm a positive person somebody said oh I we should be more negative they literally have that's in one of the wonderful newspapers today hi we should be more negative well this is really easy to be negative about but I want to give people hope to you know I'm a cheerleader for the country we're going through the worst thing that the country's probably ever seen look we had the civil war with a six hundred thousand people right here's the thing had we not done anything we were lost many times that but we did something good so it's going to be hopefully way under that click you know we lose more here potentially then you lose in world wars as a country so there's nothing positive there's nothing great about it but I want to give people in this country hope I think it's very important to us that is the case he is being a cheerleader because and and repetition repetition why we go to ours because not everyone is carrying it not everyone is tuned in and everybody needs to hear stay home thirty days to slow the spread and they need to know there's help that is the president's job.

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