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Have have stepped up and helped people Amin if you've seen the videos is amazing. There's nothing there's nothing left. There's absolutely nothing left on this island they that Hurricane Dorian came across I mean literally like annihilated just sat there and just Kinda Murmur Murmur momentum remember just stirred it up and started up but I mean literally just kind of sat there and stewed. It's dude on that on those islands out. There and those people got a mighty Eddie I mean how do they frigging survive storm at the storm at the storm. I mean they've been it literally if you've ever played with like playing cards fifty two cards the playing cards why am I have a hard time figuring out they could playing cards and you build one of those a house of cards and just one little kick of a card hard the whole thing topples down well. It seems like now granted. I know that some of the places are built very come. The text messages you can text us anytime daytime live at the Queen City studio four seven four four eight eight or call us at anytime at that same number. That's a studio line here. Four zero seven four four eight eight a eight zero zero. We are live in the Queen City studio located marsh mill just outside of Charlotte North Carolina but I mean those most of those houses I mean it's it's not that it's the poverty stricken place because you know I mean how does one value sorry. HOW DOES ONE VALUE POVERTY. They might have the best the best life in the whole entire world. I know and we went to the Bahamas. It was so cool for the guys that were living there just jumping these boats and just take off go fishing for the day and come.

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