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Think I screen the UN a bunch of friends, and you guys really enjoyed it. It's also Vince Vaughn Fred Claus. I I so this poem came and Wednesday. It was like a box office flop. People. Don't remember Toji Amati plays cenacles, his brother and Vince worn basically is like his cynical brother who doesn't really believe in Christmas or the Christmas spirit. And it's not even funny. It's got some loss. But it surprisingly, very sweet and very, heartwarming. And again, it's all about the spirit of Christmas. And I really liked Poggioli Amati as well as as Santa Claus and Kathy Bates plays them mother. Anyway, it was it was just charming. I've seen it three or four times. It's very it's like a hidden gem look at some of the greatest movie, but it's quite charming, Bella new expectant, especially for Christmas. You know when there's all the traditional classic movies. Fred causes a film. I think people should check out. I agree. Okay. Is that all this? That's lists. That was so snapping pop. They gonna give us a her ho ho ho ho much now of machine gun. All right. Well, that's it. Look happy holidays everyone here at Tony in the movie guy. We really do wish you guys a very happy Christmas. Yes. An very happy new year. But hopefully, we'll be able to get one more episode that before them we'll see the idea, and then we'll be into two thousand nineteen. I can't believe it. Crazy. Right. Okay. Well, that was fun. And you know, we actually I'll list quite different. I like lost you good. Who knows what what happened next year? We'll revisit Christmas movies again could just be tradition. Tradition. There you go. All right. Well, good night everyone. Goodnight seeing time. Thanks so much philistine to another episode of Tony the movie guy, the podcast are friendly reminders to please follow Oliver social media, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram at Tony the movie guy, you can also keep up with Tony's most current movie reviews on Tony the movie dot com, and most importantly have a fun and safe Christmas. And you will see you in two weeks. But by.

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