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They all have fun names. But you've got to give them a little description that one, I am on with Julius Scott. And we talk about the joys and exiled. He's about creating and making things and it's not really a podcast about teaching you how to make stuff. It's more us, we call it test talking our way through our feelings about how we feel about making things and what that means and what it's like to be a compulsive creator like the two of us are, and then playing for fun which is my favorite of your catalog. It's were you and Mike talk about video games that you like, you know, there's so many people making podcasts out there about gaming, but you guys just find stuff you love and talk about it, and it's very infectious. Yeah, we try and say, really positive on that one, and it's, it's really fun because we also got into twitch streaming because of the gaming. So we're like if we're going to be playing the games, we might as well be doing it with an audience anyway. So it kind of turned into this big thing that was a once a month fogcast, and now it feels like it takes over way, more time than that. We're going to talk about live streaming or twit streaming. Because I think that's kind of interesting from a technical standpoint as well. And then also somehow I manage. Yes, that one is just that's like that's like the icing on the cake podcast. It's, it's, it's sweet and it's easy, and it is a rewatch show of the office because I am a giant office fan and I co host that with Mike Assange, now have you watched the? British one as well. Or just that was my gateway was was the British one and then moved onto the American one, which I will say is way better to say. I don't care come at me caused controversy in the us. I agree too. I agree..

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