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Community. Mark van der Hoff your question to councilwoman Lee. Anyone driving on downtown. Louisville streets has noticed they've been torn up quite a bit for hotel construction utility repairs. They're a little rough right now. What is your plan to pave downtown Louisville streets and make them smooth and attractive again for residents and visitors. So I think that's a great question. And I think the one advantage that I provide in regards to our roadways in our infrastructure is my civil engineering background. I've worked for many many years and the construction industry and actually know what it is to start a job and finish the job. It seems that we tend to spread our resources and construction jobs seem to go on and on and on or even if we don't get them funded that it takes forever to get them. Find it. So we need to create a priority. Now, I will give credit because of metro council's influence over the last four years we've been able to create some focus in terms of our planning for our community and. Terms of focusing on creating a three year plan of which roads are going to be paved. But what we don't hear the rest of the story. We talk about the great strides were achieving to deal with the deferred maintenance gap of over one hundred twenty million dollars that we identified less than four years ago in regards to our paving of our reds, and what we don't talk about is that we we achieve a twenty five million dollar investment for our infrastructure of roadways. But we don't talk about the fact that twelve and a half million dollars that goes on the tax payer credit card. To have to pay in the future. Just do regular deferred maintenance of our roads, we should create an environment that is sustainable to take care of our roads to revive the pay the necessary. So that people can commute back and forth to work to get to all the businesses in downtown Louisville, south west Louisville and east level. We have to focus on providing the roads, and what we can't continue to do as allow the roads to be congested with traffic, and then decide after we've done the development to expand a road. We have to create a plan that allows expansion of roads growth of our roads and taking care of smart growth to be part of our solution. Fisher your rebuttal..

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