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This old stadium is beautiful on the fairgrounds of the of the Texas State fairgrounds. When when I first came here my first trip for years ago, they still have the stools that were buried in the concrete in the floor. I kind of miss that. But also, it's nice to be able to move. Let's good touch. But what a great setting. This is for a wonderful football game Red River showdown. Both teams wooden up drives weekly and scoring. Oh, you first Texas. Most recently on a five play seventy five yard drive over two minutes and six seconds capped off as little Jordan Humphrey, the six foot five wide receiver. Took the direct snap looked like he was gonna run and then stopped through the jump pass Allah. Tim tebow? From a decade ago. Found is wide receiver teammate Colin Johnson wide open in the back of the end zone. As Cameron Dicker will kick it off. Trey Brown will take. No, he will not watch go over his head on a touchback Oklahoma will have their second possession. They found sledding to go pretty easy against the Texas deep. It's the first time out Tony. I don't know that it was. Was particularly easy. I think it was well executed. I think Texas has been penetrating that defense that different for say they offer to have done a good job Murray. Just made some great some great great considered out. Here is going to be interesting to see on both quarterback quarterbacks are playing phenomenally. Well, and that's the key. You this game? So far. There was some question. Whether left guard bed powers would go for Oklahoma. He is so Jonathan Alvarez they're center. Carson Meyer ships into the backfield. Pistol set with Kyle Burien, I for Oklahoma. Trey servants serving gotta be wrapped up rate about near the line of scrimmage, Charles. Oh MENA who the senior from Rolette Texas gets to a gain of a couple on the play. Second in seven coming up, bro. You pretty much a power play a read off a situation over here. But outstanding ruining a sermon given go to yard. But Texas is bringing you mentioned that earlier dead defense line is in the back of Oklahoma. They're gonna have to do something to stop the CD, lamb and Boris what the left for Tyler Perry. Marquees Brown alone on the right matched up with senior. Kris Boyd Murray gonna throw four man rush on loads to the far side at CD between the quarterback in the safety tracked it right over the top of the quarterback who was behind into Texas territory. Devante Davis got beat to the tune of twenty six yards. Wow. That was an outstanding pass. We talk about Heisman hopeful over here. This kid's got all the talent that pass right on the money. We had to call a seven. Corner. After you go inside the quarterback great to the outside of his own defense Murray. Put the ball on the money, I attend Oklahoma. At the Texas forty six. Fake. The give the servant. Marie rolls to his right plants. His feet throws flag on the plates complete at about the thirty two CD land. He's wrapped up immediately by Brandon Jones, good pressure on the quarterback coming from Brechin Hager. We'll see what the flag is back near the forty five all the offense number seventy four ten yard penalty. I that's the right. Tackle Cody Ford Pineville. Louisiana think about this game. Tony is you look at where the all these guys from come from. They're all Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana levels Bart. And they're all recruited by these two teams every time. But it just amps up this rivalry at both. These teams expecting performance today to be the springboard for next year's recruits. Absolutely. This is an audition over here. Not only for bragging rights who had a question. Glut four players come in this area. I did twenty for Oklahoma marquees Brown gonna ship through the offensive formation into the backfield on the left tip of Murray. Suspect backs now. Fake, the desert and quick throw throughout our case Brown. He's got to be turned back for a loss of yards with a forty by. Kris Boyd who got up high and almost threw a cross body block. I saw Jimmy. Lot of the parking lot. He would elect like Ricky the dragon steamboat getting up by. Boy, you are really really into your region. It's. You are busy being an adult in the NFL. There was watching the WWF thought Saturday mornings. Oh boy. That's a good one. Second down at twenty three for oh you back at their own forty one and a half yard line. Tyler perry. Fakes it now rolls to his left. Stop. Joe retired into Oklahoma territory. And now a penalty flag late miles Teves with the tackle. But Murray looks like he just didn't see the Amirah to deep. Don't there in what you call a cover to to safety plan the has marks when he threw the ball crosses body to the middle. Joel would watch the quarterback meeting. Outstanding play the crazy thing about that. Is though is that I'd leave Murray could Iran that sets. Personal foul illegal block passing number one. He added to the end of the play. You're not gonna see Cuyler Murray. Make many mistakes on one play and Liborius was opened his throat to the wrong. Spot of the field that looked like whether it cover to any anytime, you get to safety playing deplaned centerfield, and they see that they've got an opportunity to make that adjustment. And that's exactly what took place get random Jones a great deal of credit for staying number one in his position to executing. But bringing the ball home Brandon Jones his second interception of the year. Just the third of their against Tyler Murray, so Texas and Oklahoma deadlocked at seven midway through the first quarter and the longhorns have a chance to take advantage would their drive starting at the old you twenty nine Eleanor has Chianti Ingram. Next etlinger is gonna throw it clean pocket. Lots of time. Now, he's gonna tuck it and run but slide past the thirty down to about the twenty nine yard line. Good job to look down the field and see nothing and the big hit from Curtis Bolton who will be credited with the stop the key to this. Don't get a chance. Watch Oklahoma play the three four defense or sometimes two three five with the Rover back there. Big set of the backfield Ingram has Andrew Beck in front of him a pistol etlinger up talking to the offensive line. Now back out debit do Vernay on the nearside twin receivers to the right Johnson and Humphrey the gift gonna go to Ingram. Ingram has absolutely smothered on the inside Kenneth man who was questionable before the game gets in there and gets the first hit. He'll stop them for a loss of a yard on the play. Well, I was talking about their three four defense in that particular situation they lined up in a five to bringing the linebackers on the outside and put a lot of a lot of lot of power on the line creating problems for UT. But what you doing a good job that this reading the field got five wide receivers out there at the present moment. More than eight minutes into the game. We're seeing our first third-down, Texas. Forty one percent of the year empty backfield on third and eleven at the thirty one of Oklahoma blitz coming elegant dumps it into the spot where the came from its behind the receiver do name. Who goes back and manages to strip it from the turf at the twenty-seven trae Norwood there with pretty good coverage that won't be enough for the first down. And it'll bring on the kick tea, which is a bit spotty for Texas. Cameron Dicker will kick it and he's a true freshman from Austin five for eight years long as forty six, but he is two for five beyond forty. This will be about a forty four yard attempt straight into the Texas fan base on the north end up the Cotton Bowl chance to take leave. Good snap. Good whole to kick as the right amount of distance. And it is good. Texas lead with five fifty eight to play in the first quarter. And now a scuffle after the play officials separated glares the score Texas ten Oklahoma seven more on the way from the Cotton Bowl next. John will have the scoreboard we come back. You're listening to compass media networks your.

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