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Begonias arod's indoor bonsai, and I'm thinking of devoting a whole episode to the spider plant what you think about that. And on the ledge solo will also be back in two thousand nineteen. I think I'll run an episode in February or early March marking the start of the on the ledge solo two thousand nineteen. You want to get involved. Get ordering your house plant seeds. Now, I'm we'll talk more about how to get started in house plant propagation, then while I'm off air. Do check out house plant fans of on the ledge is great way to catch up with other house plot addicts and chat about your plants. Everyone was incredibly lovely and generous and wonderful. And there's so many nice people that meet so do go. Join the group please answer all three questions if you don't answer all three questions conduct you in the group. It just means that I make sure everyone is actually a listener to the show and isn't somebody who's gonna start spamming us with all relevant stuff. So do so the questions he could also find out what I'm up to on Instagram, which is J L dot Perron and on Twitter. I'm at Jane Perron, other exciting things I've got planned into nineteen include a revamp of my website more. Awesome merch and various talks. If you have to be in London, I'm doing talk Highgate literary and scientific institution on the ninth of April eight PM cooled the Mudgee of house plant. So you can join me there stick that one in the diary now, I'll put a link to the info in my show notes. Thank you to every single one of you who listens to on the ledge and supports the show in so many different ways. I feel like every one of you has become a friend and an integral part of on the ledge. What keeps this show on the go and keeps me so excited and full of love for my house plants. Do hope you all have a chance for a restful break and are able to start twenty nineteen with a head Chuck full of wonderful thoughts and ideas about your plunk collection. I call wait to bring you more episodes of on the ledge 'cause that's what we're here for. And it's just making me small just thinking about it. And in the meantime, this is on the ledge and your host jank Perot signing off for the final time in twenty eight hundred..

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