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Tony basketball on your Monday morning. It's January the fourteenth in for Saint saint-pierre Ron returns tomorrow morning. Well, facing the inevitable prospect of being circled by states that have legalized recreational marijuana Governor Gina Raimondo will propose this week that Rhode Island do the same. She says shall do this with reluctance, she's resisted this for four years that she's been governor. But now things have changed mainly because all of our neighbors are moving forward with legalization. The proposal included in her budget plan for the fiscal year, beginning July, I would create one of the most regulated recreational pot industry's in the country. The governor said aimed at reducing the health and safety problems experienced in some of the other ten states that have approved recreational use in recent years, while President Trump is popularity and his approval ratings changing by the minute. And of course, the government shutdown has changed law that let's find out. What's happening? We say good morning to Fox News is Rachel Sutherland. And good morning. Rachel. Hey, good morning. Happy monday. Well, yeah. And here we are in day twenty four with no end in sight where we're in uncharted territory. The US has never been here before with the government shutdown this long, and and we're seeing that Republican Senator Lindsey Graham that board with some kind of solution in that he would want to keep the government open for a few weeks. Let the discussions continue. And he says the at that point. If they can't reach his voice, and he says, Mr President go ahead and declare a national emergency. So that's where we are today. And we're seeing hundreds of thousands of federal employees going without paychecks. So. Tough time for a lot of people. And when you look at approval ratings, you look at Trump, and you look at the base, obviously, this was the huge campaign promise. Lot of the base went along with this at what point do people start to get a sense that some of the Republicans in congress start to go the other way with their constituents again people can have a viewpoint. But once you're you know, you're not getting paid. And you can't feed your family and times are tough things can change. That's right. There are some Republicans have been breaking with the president on the shutdown, but they're kind of the usual suspects that he choosing Collins of Maine, Senator Lisa Murkowski of Alaska. These are the folks who often break with the president. So you don't have you don't have Republicans yet in math saying, Mr President. Let's stop this. Basically Republicans are holding rank Mitch McConnell. The Senate majority leader has said he won't bring any legislation to the floor that doesn't have the hopes of a presidential signature. So. As far as the solution. I think that probably Senator Graham Lindsey Graham may have something here that may keep the government open for a little while we'll have to see it because this is really the first full week that congress has been back though, we turn today for the first full week since Democrats took control how and when we look at a, you know, a deal or concessions is there still do a lot of people still get a feeling that the president could just call the national emergency and not have to worry about congress. Idea. That's being floated around it is not without controversy. And it's not without historical precedent either. President Harry Truman declared an emergency in nineteen nine hundred fifty eastern to Korean war because the steel workers we're going to go on strike on either the strike, he addressed the nation and said, this is an emergency. We can't pull they needed bomb. He needed to stuff. So he he actually had a pretty good argument. And it went to the supreme court case called Youngstown, and then the supreme court slapped term and downers that you don't have the ability to take to seize control, the steel industry and the steelworkers ad. I think that the three days of striking. They weren't paying creases. This is this is decades and decades ago right to life is changed where to hold me different supreme court different the national emergencies act was passed in nineteen seventy six I believe so things have changed. But maybe they haven't taste that much because you have a precedent in law. That's why you may see the president. This hedging on doing this. Because the law may not be on his side. I'm not a lawyer. May not be on the side. And I think you raise a great point about this kind of being the first full week back for everybody. Maybe this will get to everybody together. And hopefully, we get this thing done because nobody wants to see this drag on any longer. Well, I don't think anyone does it. It's it's been tough, but you know, food inspection to stop so routine. Inspections. So if you're romaine is bad, you're not gonna know it. Stuff like that. It's it's if you don't feel it outside the beltway, you masive. All right. Fox's Rachel Sutherland, great stuff. Great information. We always great to hear from me. You have a great day. Rachel. Seven twenty. Now, let's go to traffic.

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