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Sort of being retune is here with given me some downs here. You know what I think I'm going to exit stage left. Yes. Poll a year ago today. Who is the leading? Who who is the favourite for the Heisman a year ago today, it should you when you when you hear it, you're back. Oh, of course he didn't win. It was a Leonard fournette. Now for that was in the NFL rookie. Okay. Yeah. Baker Mayfield was tied for fourth with Lamar Jackson saquon. Barkley was the second rank guy for the Heisman, Sam darnold darnold. Yes. He was a favor of the. Yeah. Yeah, I'll give you the faith. I'll give you the first two and then I'll take everybody else. Yeah, mclovin I remember Sam darnold was like to shore fire number one, overall, pick I remember early mocks at him. I was watching Baker Mayfield junior, the third, you know, I feel bad. It's a shame. He's not going to be starting for the Browns because he is fun to watch and watching him last night against the lions. You realize no matter what he does against the lions. He's not going to be starting for this team. Now he'll play this year, but it would be fun to have him starting and Sam darnold starting week one, I think that'd be a lot of fun. And I think Lamar Jackson is going to get some run had somebody in Baltimore yesterday. Tell me in our brief conversation as I had to say, I just had my wisdom. I, it was like this, hey, what's how you doing. Semi was what I so much to, hey, I know you love Lamar j. and then he started talking. And then I didn't say anything. I said. Taller and that was it gam- mclovin? Are you talking platoon not taking over for flacco Macci. I don't even know if you know they're not gonna platoon, but I think Lamar, I think that Lamar showed more than people thought he was going to show, but I, what did they do what I mean? Just leave him on the bench when he can do all that. I think that he'll get a chance to play a little bit more than you probably think. I mean, it's flat goes team this year, but I think everybody member they wanted to make him a wide receiver. And I said, would you let him play quarterback? That's why you drafted you let him play quarterback because I think that he can be. We'll be a starter in the NFL. All right lane kiffin will join us. Phone calls. We'll get to those.

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