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Hey guys you're listening to the most captivating podcast and i tunes that's right the elite men podcast return average men into a elite men every day we know with the very best experts from the lifestyle health fitness social and even entrepreneurial worlds and with their help we give you some of the best advice on the planet subscribe now if you haven't already and enjoy the show henault yeah if you really enjoy it leave us a review on today's episode episode number one hundred fifty three entitled how one man infiltrated the hell's angels motorcycle gang and lived to tell his story i chat with jay dobbins jay dobbins is a new york times selling author and retired special agent and veteran undercover operative with the atf in today's episode a j talks about his heartpounding memories inside the infamous and deadly hell's angels motorcycle club jay talks about how he infiltrated this well organized criminal enterprise for two full years and how his work was able to lead to sixteen indictments of the gang's members he dives into the mindset skills and training he needed to survive inside the hell's angels operation and the insane experiences he had wellbeing and undercover member if you're wondering what the hell's angels motorcycle gangs really like and how one man was able to infiltrate this elusive and deadly organization check this episode out now you're going to love it hey if you haven't signed up for the elite men newsletter yet go to elite men magazine dot com slash newsletter this is incredible newsletter which helps you become the best man you can be every single week we give you the best tip strategies and techniques for helping you master your personal social and business life and give you an exclusive content not seen or heard on the podcast earning were all sets elite man magazine dot com slash newsletter sign up right now and now a word from our fantastic elite man podcast sponsors hey 2018 just started it's the perfect time to get both your health and finances in order if.

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