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I waited eleven minutes to get to the agent, and another seventeen minutes to get through security, and yet the TSA would tell you, I only waited eleven minutes, but the TSA Sarah coach says it's hard to predict screening times because of things like people who bring prohibited items now slowed down that line for everybody behind them. She says TSA pre check is always faster Greenberg says for the regular line, multiply the TSA wait tied by two and a half. Peter King, CBS news Orlando international airport. Ten twenty now on KNX. Let's get a check of your money. Here's frank. Motech. L U, S, China trade tensions continue, and the latest development impacting China's way technologies in a big way. Looks like the company's taking a hundred unexpected hit from US band, according to always founder and CEO, and the company has slashed revenue expectations for the year to the tune of about thirty billion dollars, the first time while ways actually quantified the impact of the US action stock market getting the week off to a positive start as we await a fed decision on interest rates right now the Dow is fifty seven points, NASDAQ up sixty three and the s&p five hundred seven the price of oil, moving lower despite the latest tensions in the Middle East down another eighteen cents back to fifty two in change, gold, also coming under pressure now down Elliott dollar thirteen hundred forty three an ounce Boeing on the rise. On the latest news about the possibility two Boeing seven three seven max. Way might be tested, the fix for the software might be tested this week, by the FAA, according to the Wall Street Journal, we take the money twenty and fifty each hour. The next update at ten fifty Frank Motech from the HMO's capital, money, KNX ten seventy NewsRadio man. She feels like a woman and she's heading back Vegas. We'll tell you more ninety seconds. It's ten twenty one next.

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